For Sport Clips, Strong, Steady Unit-Level Economics Wins the Race
For Sport Clips, Strong, Steady Unit-Level Economics Wins the Race

With a steadily increasing average unit volume and unwavering same-store sales growth, Sport Clips proves that it knows how to grow the right way.

Few brands can boast the kind of sustainable growth that Sport Clips can. A simple Google search yields telling results: “Sport Clips Ranks as Top 10 Fastest-Growing Franchise;” “Sport Clips Scores as Top 15 Smartest-Growing Brand;” “Sport Clips Soars to #16 in ‘Franchise 500.’”

But the hype goes far beyond the headlines—Sport Clips has the numbers to prove it, too. The company grew from 772 franchise units in 2011 to 1,167 by 2013 and more than 1,500 today. They have a presence in all 50 states and in five Canadian provinces. Since 2010, Sport Clips’ average unit volume has steadily increased year after year. And over the past six years, the brand has experienced consistently strong same-store sales growth that hovers around seven to 10 percent—an average that’s unmatched in the brand’s category. Those strong unit-level economics carry even more weight when you learn that during that same time frame, Sport Clips has only closed five stores within their fast-growing system.

Now, as the brand continues to charge forward, one thing is clear—Sport Clips isn’t into growing just for the sake of growing. Sport Clips is aiming to become the leading men’s hair salon the right way. And that’s through smart, sustainable growth

“When I was first introduced to Sport Clips in 2012, I saw a strong brand with clear vision on the brink of something big. They were just about to hit 900 stores, and I knew that it would be an exciting place to be as they pushed past 1,000 and toward 2,000. Today, I still feel that same way—our brand continues to grow because we’re unwilling to compromise on the quality of franchisees that join our system and the real estate locations we select,” said Dave Wells, director of franchise development for Sport Clips. “Judging by our 23-year track record, I think the best is still yet to come for Sport Clips.”

Much of the credit for the brand’s continued success can be given to Founder and CEO Gordon Logan. From the beginning, Logan has helped to steer the organization, avoiding many of the pitfalls smaller franchisors tend to stumble into. He’s done so by projecting a strong vision and maintaining high standards. This meant focusing on quality, working hard to make sure his franchisees were successful and making continual improvement a way of life.

Of course, creating a business around a necessary service that people will always require on a recurring basis doesn’t hurt, either. Sport Clips’ specialized niche filled a void in the salon industry by catering toward an underrepresented demographic—men looking for a no-frills haircut in a space they could feel at-home in. And as it turns out, people are eager to be a part of it.

“Our business model is sturdy—it makes our entire team feel good about what they’re doing and it’s helped to build a lot of harmony in our network. And that’s an intangible quality of Sport Clips that has helped our franchisees thrive,” Wells said.

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