Sport Clips Hits Milestone $3 Billion Mark in Overall Sales
Sport Clips Hits Milestone $3 Billion Mark in Overall Sales

After taking 16 years to hit the $1 billion mark and three years to pass $2 billion in sales, the leading men's haircut franchise is celebrating reaching $3 billion in overall sales in just two years.

For more than 20 years, Sport Clips has been raising the bar in the men’s hair salon and barbershop industries. By offering customers a true, MVP experience at more than 1,530 stores across the globe, the brand has become a dominant force that’s continuing to push industry standards higher.

Consumers have noticed that the brand is the one to beat—customers return to their local Sport Clips time and time again to get the best service in the industry. That loyalty is evident in the brand’s sales—Sport Clips is currently celebrating a major milestone. Since its founding, the brand has now hit $3 billion in overall sales.

“Passing that $3 billion mark is a major accomplishment for us. It proves that Sport Clips’ franchise model is working, and that we’ve built a brand consumers want to frequent,” said Dave Wells, director of franchise development for Sport Clips. “But what’s really significant about this is the timing. It took the organization 16 years to pass the $1 billion mark, three years to hit the second billion and two years to reach $3 billion in overall sales. That growth rate is unprecedented.”

The biggest benefit this milestone has on Sport Clips’ franchisees is the impact it has on advertising revenues. In the brand’s franchise system, every location contributes to Sport Clips’ marketing fund. So, as sales continue to increase, more money is going into that marketing pot. With more than $30 million in the fund this year, the Sport Clips marketing team has more to spend on national advertising and marketing efforts, which helps increase brand recognition and awareness. Ultimately, Sport Clips’ success creates a positive cycle of more advertising and brand growth.

“Reaching this milestone isn’t just a win for the Sport Clips brand—it’s a win for our entire system of dedicated and passionate franchisees. After all, we wouldn’t have been able to pass the $3 billion mark without them,” said Wells. “Our success has everything to do with how our local business owners perform. That’s why we have such high selection standards, and why we have a support team that cares more than any I’ve seen in 15 years in franchising.”

Despite being the only haircare brand with a presence in all 50 states, Sport Clips isn’t planning on slowing down its impressive business momentum anytime soon. The brand’s existing franchisees are purchasing licenses at a record pace, which demonstrates their excitement for the brand. Combine this with the excitement from new franchisees being added in key markets and you can see why Sport Clips is in a great place to reach its next major milestone.

“It’s definitely an exciting time to be a part of the Sport Clips organization, both for support team members and local franchisees. Because our opportunities are limited, we often get asked if it is too late to join the Sport Clips team. There is no doubt that the early adopting franchisees are enjoying a high level of success today, but because of the work they have put in to build this brand, right now is the best time for prospective franchisees to check us out,” Wells said.