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How a Stressful Day and an Instagram Ad Led This Entrepreneur To Buy a Squeeze Massage Franchise

Siera Holleman recently opened the first Squeeze location in Fort Worth, Texas. Her journey from marketing professional to Squeeze Operating Partner is a story of great branding, passion and perfect timing.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
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Squeeze Operating Partner Siera Holleman never expected an Instagram ad to change her life. With a background in corporate communications and marketing, she’s always had a knack for spotting great brands — but her path to partnering with the “Feel Good Revolution” massage concept started long before she even realized it.

Holleman went to Baylor University, majoring in corporate communications. After college, she worked in marketing for 10 years, with an additional three years in operations. Her interest in franchising started back in college when she interned for Sport Clips, a company with 54 locations in the DFW area. 

“I worked closely with the owners and it was fascinating,” she said. “The idea that you could take a successful brand and open your own location was really cool.” 

Finding Squeeze: A Happy Accident

Holleman discovered Squeeze in a rather unexpected way — through Instagram. 

“I had a really stressful day and told my husband I needed a massage, but I didn’t like the options in Fort Worth,” she said. “That night, I saw an Instagram ad for franchising with Squeeze. The branding caught my eye immediately.”

With her marketing background, Holleman was impressed by how well Squeeze’s branding was done. “I loved it so much. I clicked on the ad and thought, ‘This is where I’d go tomorrow if it was here in Fort Worth’,” she said. 

But it turns out that her journey goes back even further. A few months ago, Holleman was looking through an app that shows old photos and memories. She found a screenshot she took five years ago of the Squeeze location in Los Angeles. 

“It was so strange — I guess this idea has been on my mind for a while without me even knowing it,” she said. 

Loving the Brand’s History and Its Potential

The creators behind Squeeze also started Drybar, a hair styling salon brand that Holleman already admired. This connection gave her even more confidence in Squeeze’s potential.

“I love Drybar. They did such a great job with that brand, and I could see Squeeze being just as successful,” she said.

When Holleman and her husband, Jake, attended Squeeze Day, they met the team behind the brand, including Squeeze Co-Founder & CEO Brittany Driscoll, and Chief Product Officer David Werner

“We felt their passion for Squeeze right away,” she recalled. “We loved the leadership and the support they offered. That made it clear to us — we wanted to be a part of this.”

Building a Texas Sized Future with Squeeze

Holleman was excited to bring Squeeze to Fort Worth, a city she and Jake have called home for 10 years. “We’re thrilled to introduce Squeeze to Fort Worth and be the first in DFW — It’s so exciting!” she said. 

Besides her excitement for the brand, Holleman loves the flexibility that comes with owning a franchise, especially with two young kids. And as things currently stand, Holleman’s future as a Squeeze Operating Partner is looking bright. 

“Our Fort Worth location has been open for almost three months,” Holleman said. “We’re starting to find our groove. We’re also looking at opening a second location, maybe in Dallas or Southlake, and we hope to expand even more after that.”

With the support and strong backing from Squeeze, Holleman is excited to grow her franchise and bring amazing experiences to her community.

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