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How to Win as a Strategic Franchising Systems Franchisee

By following the system in place, setting goals and engaging with the community, prospective franchise owners have a chance to leverage the multi-brand portfolio’s proven pathways to success.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 07/19/22

Strategic Franchising Systems, the company that provides management and consulting services to its independently owned yet affiliated brands, is looking for qualified owners across the country to help expand the company’s footprint in new territories and serve thousands of customers looking for the in-demand help their service brands provide. 

The consulting entity currently offers five home-based, low-cost franchise opportunities: nationally recognized painting franchise Fresh Coat, senior home-relocation and estate sales concept Caring Transitions, business and sales coaching concept The Growth Coach, fast-growing natural pet food and pet grooming brand Pet Wants and the only national provider of total house care, inside and out, for seniors and busy families, TruBlue

For those interested in coming onboard, Strategic Franchising Systems President Chris Seman says there are several best practices that can help franchise owners win from day one. 

“When I talk to candidates about Strategic Franchising Systems, the first thing I tell them is that we have a proven roadmap built out for you,” said Seman. “Every business is going to be a little different based on the community, but you need to latch onto that proven business model first. You have to be comfortable following the roadmap. You can’t be a total trailblazer and always try new detours. Stick to the proven path.” 

And prospects truly have no reason to reinvent the wheel. Strategic Franchising Systems has been creating and providing franchise business models to help people make their dreams come true for over 30 years. Each of the five concepts under the Strategic Franchising Systems umbrella offers franchise owners an array of attractive benefits. Every brand is home-based to start, which allows owners to keep operating costs significantly lower than those of competitors. All new franchise owners are trained to understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, including access to business coaching, recruiting, marketing programs and trade secrets for each of the five franchise systems. That is why Strategic Franchising Systems’ brands require no previous experience. Also, Strategic Franchising Systems offers flexible financing options through trusted third-party providers. 

“The most successful franchisees are undoubtedly the ones that follow the business model closely,” said Joshua Johns, Director of Marketing for The Growth Coach. “We’ve put the operating, marketing and technology systems in place for a reason — we’ve had the opportunity to learn what makes franchisees successful and what doesn’t, and we’ve continued to refine those systems for our owners. We are continually improving and innovating.”

The ideal Strategic Franchising Systems franchise owner also has a focus on community and is interested in having an actual positive impact on the lives of their neighbors, Seman says. 

“Our brands are about engagement with people,” Seman said. “We are out in the community everyday, so you have to be someone who is willing to hire the person who is engaged or be out there yourself. Work ethic is critical in every business, but the service business is more about managing the project, whether it is painting, remodeling or moving. It is about being engaged with people who are interested in these solutions and connecting with other providers like care companies, veterinarians and farmers markets in order to engage with the marketplace.”

Additionally, Seman notes Strategic Franchising owners should be eager to work as a trusted partner with the corporate team.

“Franchising is the original outsourcing — when you start with the brand, you are going to meet all these people with systems knowledge, best practices and problem-solving skills,” said Seman. “You need to be willing to interact and participate with other owners. The top performers are usually those who are looking to learn from other franchise owners. They can teach you how to build up the business faster and overcome the usual pitfalls. The peer-to-peer learning and support are so incredibly valuable but not fully understood until you are actually in a Strategic Franchising brand.” 

To help encourage these connections, Seman says the corporate team focuses on providing opportunities for sharing peer-to-peer knowledge. “We divide our franchisees into groups based on business age, geography and economic stage,” he said. “From there, we will group them with peer mentors based on their background to help drive their success.” 

Perhaps most importantly, Seman says Strategic Franchising Systems franchise owners need to be passionate about the business they are investing in and should come to the table with strong personal goals in place. 

“When you go through our training program, you leave with a fully baked business plan,” said Seman. “That includes individual goals and objectives. Everyone has a different expectation of what they want out of a franchise, so it is important franchise owners know what that is up front so we can focus on providing a roadmap that will make that more likely. We give you behavioral targets to hit, and by following those, you will be able to achieve your goals.”

Overall, Seman says Strategic Franchising Systems has been designed to help franchisees win, all they have to do is put in the work. “We give you a lane to operate in and devote yourself to,” said Seman. “The beautiful thing about franchise ownership is you get to determine your own success. No one can tell you otherwise. You can hire who you want, create your own culture, and there is so much room for growth with support all along the way.”

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