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Street Fight Magazine: Welcomemat Says Data Is Your Friend In Keeping Customers Loyal

In 2017, brand loyalty boils down to communication and strong relationships.

In today's world, consumers have tremendous access to a seemingly unlimited number of options. So how do businesses make sure they keep the customers they already have?

In a recent article in Street Fight Magazine, they explored what is working with loyalty programs as businesses claim that they'll beef up in that area in 2017.

“In today’s consumer environment, customer loyalty seems illusive and can be difficult to earn. Increases in social platforms and changes in technology in 2017 will only continue to add clutter and distraction in the lives of consumers,” Brian Mattingly, founder and CEO of Welcomemat Services, told Street Fight Magazine.

Mattingly added that business owners need to make sure that they are leveraging social media in their loyalty platform, but choosing the right mix or type of social media for their audience.

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