TechCrunch: Facebook At Work Is Launching Next Month
TechCrunch: Facebook At Work Is Launching Next Month

The social network will be joining the list of enterprise communication and collaboration tools.

Work might become as addicting as socializing if Facebook has anything to say about it. According to a recent TechCrunch article, the social network plans to launch its enterprise communication and collaboration network Facebook At Work in the next few weeks on a per seat pricing model.

Those who subscribe to Facebook at Work will be able to use the “Work Feed” to see posts from colleagues to discuss ideas and assign tasks. The product offers Groups and Messenger, enabling audio and video calling options that could start to compete with Skype and Slack. Salesforce Chatter, Convo, and Microsoft’s Yammer all have similarities to the new product as well.

While the price point hasn’t been announced just yet, Facebook is hoping the income will add to their revenue streams in addition to their main source of advertising. This could help the social network’s bottom line without bombarding consumers using Facebook with too many ads and marketing messages. The pricing plan will charge companies “per monthly active user” instead of charging a flat rate.

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