TED Talk Tuesday: Why You Will Fail at Your Career
TED Talk Tuesday: Why You Will Fail at Your Career

Many are holding themselves back from success, Larry Smith says.

It’s a grim thought, knowing that you will fail to have a great career. Larry Smith, a professor of economics at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, discusses why people hide behind excuses instead of pursuing their passion in his 2011 TED Talk.

Whether it’s luck, the belief that hard work is enough or the lack of passion, Smith says many are holding themselves back from finding success. Smith believes it’s the excuses people make for themselves that are truly holding them back from pursuing their passion and having a really great career.

One of the biggest excuses, Smith hits on is that people say they focus on others, instead of their passion.

“You’re going to fail, because you’re not going to do it, because you will have invented a new excuse, any excuse to fail to take action, and this excuse I’ve heard so many times: 'Yes, I would pursue a great career, but, I value human relationships,’” said Smith.

While so many people often blame not pursuing their passion on others and coming up with excuses, Smith hits on the real reason people don’t succeed — it’s fear.

“You're afraid to pursue your passion,” said Smith. “You're afraid to look ridiculous. You're afraid to try. You're afraid you may fail. Great friend, great spouse, great parent, great career, is that not a package? Is that not who you are? How can you be one without the other? But you're afraid.”

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