The 8 | December 16, 2016
The 8 | December 16, 2016

Here are the top eight things you need to know in franchising this week.

8. The Buzz: “New York Times: U.S. Retail Sales, Industrial Output Data Point to Slowing Growth:” After two months of strong increases in retail sales, reports show sales tapered off in November. And yet, income and household wealth are rising at record highs.   

7. Brand of the Week: John Blair, the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for FranNet, explains the top reasons why brands turn to FranNet to move their businesses forward.

6. People Story: “Franchisee Voices: Ranjit and Sophia Wasu of Sylvan Learning:” This dynamic couple expands the Sylvan Learning brand after years of joint business ownership.

5. Profits Story: “Bigger & Better: Frisch’s Gets a 2016 Makeover on Verge of Significant Franchise Growth in 2017:” While 2016’s focus was on shoring up operations and enhancing the overall restaurant model and menu, Frisch’s is now ready to grow in 2017. After being acquired by NRD Capital in 2015 for $175 million, the new ownership team went to work upgrading and improving the Frisch’s chain, while also making sure to treat the brand’s heritage, family legacy and loyal fans with respect and sensitivity. Leading the charge is CEO Jason Vaughn.

4. Places Story: “Phoenix Business Journal: Dairy Queen Launches Phoenix expansion plans:” The iconic brand is bringing their frozen treats to cool down the desert town.

3. Columns: “What Businesses Can Learn From the Trump vs. Clinton Campaign: Should You Hide Your Business Flaws or Show Them?:” Regardless of who you voted for, watch back at the unbelievable victory Trump pulled off and try to apply some of those tactics to your brand marketing strategy.

2. In the Media: “Fast Casual: Kiosks Killing Jobs? Current Events Beg the Question, but the Facts Say Otherwise:” Despite rumors, franchise CEOS ensure that kiosks are not here to take over jobs.

1. Thought of the Week: This week, The 8 discusses how franchise marketing works.