The 8 | July 14, 2017
The 8 | July 14, 2017

The top eight stories you probably didn’t need to know in franchising this week.

1. Frantastic: We have some Frantastic news to share—Chipotle is testing out queso! In an effort to bounce back from a challenging 2016, the brand is hoping that a new dish could help get more customers through its doors. Right now, queso is only available at Chipotle’s NEXT test kitchen in New York City. But because queso is one of its most requested items, it’s possible that we’ll be seeing it in other locations soon.

2. Franlebrity: We’re switching things up this week. Instead of having just one Franlebrity, we have multiple people to highlight. As you know, our Franchise Development Website Award series is now live on 1851. To name the best of the best, industry experts evaluated 200 websites. But as we started receiving feedback, it became clear that everyone had different opinions. That’s why we asked our Franlebrity judges—including Steve Beagelman, Craig Slavin, Jack Monson and Keith Gerson—to identify the top things that they were looking for, from testimonials to contact forms. To see what they had to say, head to 1851.

3. Frash Money: Togo’s is helping its franchisees earn Frash Money by adding another revenue stream to their bottom lines. The brand offers a catering option that helps its local owners reach new customers so that they can expand their reach as entrepreneurs. And its catering program can be customized—Togo’s has a boxed lunch program and creates special packages for sporting events, birthday parties and showers.

4. Frant of the Week: No Limit Agency CEO Nick Powills is back with another Frant highlighting the importance of emphasizing effort. While a lot of people track progress and end goals with indicators like closing a deal or losing a certain number of pounds, Powills makes a case for tracking effort. At the end of the day, those end results can’t happen without effort being put in.

5. Franch Forward: Buffalo Wings & Rings is Franching Forward in its home state. In the second quarter of the year, the brand celebrated a grand opening in the West Chester community of Cincinnati, showing that it’s building off of strong momentum in a market where it has already established brand awareness. And Buffalo Wings & Rings is also expanding outside of its home region—the brand opened up locations in Florida, Kentucky and North Dakota earlier this year.

6. Fran Funny: Last week, we called out Snapchat for being our Frand because of how great it is for brands when they’re trying to reach a new audience. But let’s face it, the app is also known for its ridiculous filters. It’s latest sensation—the Snapchat hot dog—is taking the internet by storm. Check out this week’s edition of “The 8” to see a few of our favorite Snapchat hot dog memes.

7. Franspiration Misquote: “Either I will find a way, I will make one or I will buy into somebody else’s and franchise.” – Philip Sidney

8. Franemies vs. Frands: This one might blur the line between Franemy and Frand. There’s a restaurant in London that’s making it easier for diners to get the perfect Instagram of their meal. The restaurant is providing its customers with foodie Instagram packs, equipped with a portable LED camera light, clip-on wide angle camera lens, tripod selfie stick and a multi-device charger. But whether you’re for this feature or against it, it’s safe to say that it’s redefining the phrase “do it for the Insta.”