The 8 | October 6, 2017
The 8 | October 6, 2017

The top eight stories that you probably didn’t need to know in franchising this week.

1. Frantastic: In what’s arguably the most millennial marketing headline of the year, Wingstop and Wendy’s got into a rap battle on Twitter. It all started when Wingstop innocently tweeted out a verse and a Wendy’s fan told the brand to step its game up. Wendy’s delivered, sparking an exchange that went back and forth for an impressive amount of time. Ultimately, the brands amicably squashed their beef. But because they mentioned the possibility of doing it again, we’re going to be checking back for updates.

2. Franlebrity: To kick off our Franchise Development Issue, 1851 spoke with Orangetheory Fitness president David Carney. The Franlebrity, who’s featured on our latest cover alongside other members of the brand’s leadership team, explains that franchise development takes a village. By building a strong team of employees and franchisees, Orangetheory Fitness has been able to create a network of 800 studios without any closures. Carney says that growth is expected to continue by focusing on technology and standing out in the increasingly popular fitness segment.

3. Frash Money: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—brands will never make Frash Money if they don’t have a strong franchise development website. That’s why 1851 Chief Development Strategist Sean Fitzgerald is moderating a webinar on the topic for Franchise Business Review. On October 17, Fitzgerald will be joined by franchise development experts—and 1851 franchise development website award winners—to discuss best practices to attract the candidates that brands want to meet.

4. Frant of the Week: It’s a rule of thumb in business that the customer is always right. But what would happen if companies took this line of thought and applied it to their employees? That’s what No Limit Agency CEO Nick Powills wonders in this week’s Frant. Companies aren’t created without great people—having a strong team attracts more business. And in order to keep that positive cycle going, employers need to take steps to create an environment that has a culture of respect.

5. Franch Forward: K9 Resorts is teaming up with BrandONE to boost its franchise development efforts. The recently announced partnership means that BrandONE will help guide prospective candidates through K9’s discovery process, ensuring that all essential questions are answered before they arrive for a discovery day. By working with more qualified leads and streamlining its process, K9 Resorts is aiming to grow in new markets across the country.

6. Fran Funny: What’s a pirate’s favorite content format? A webinAAAR.

7. Franspiration: “If I could change anything, it would be getting consumers to really understand and appreciate that each store is essentially an independent business.”- David Biederman, Toppers Pizza’s Chief Development Officer, on what he wishes he could change in franchising

8. Franemies vs. Frands: Starbucks is no stranger to our Franemies vs. Frands segment. But this week, we’re calling them out as a Franemy. The coffee giant closed down its online store and discontinued its subscription programs, meaning that customers will no longer be able to buy their favorite products online. By making this move, Starbucks is banking on its customers being hooked enough to physically go into a store. And odds are, they will. But it’s still an inconvenience for people who want to buy their favorite coffee, teas and tumblers from the comfort of their homes.