The Benefits of Partnering with Family
The Benefits of Partnering with Family

When looking for a franchise partner, why not look to your own family?

Getting into business with a family member may not be for everyone, but for those who have signed on the dotted line with their loved ones, owning a franchise with your family could be a very rewarding process. Find out why these three families enjoy spending time together—at work and home.

All in the family.
Todd Fetter, a Buffalo Wings & Rings franchisee, loves working with his family. The only way he’s been able to enjoy working with all of his family members at the same time has been on the family farm. That is, before he opened his first Buffalo Wings & Rings. Now, he is able to enjoy spending time with his wife, Audra, and their children.

One of Fetter’s favorite things about working with his family is empowering them to be their best selves.

“Having their input and hearing their perspective on matters and how they would handle certain situations,” said Fetter. “Also empowering them to make decisions and see them grow in the business and in life in general.”

That sense of empowerment has helped his children move up in the family business.

“Our oldest son Kellen started as an Assistant General Manager and is now a General Manager at our Piqua location,” said Fetter.

It’s not only his oldest who is involved with the family business. Fetter’s other children help out in many different ways.

From training, to working at the restaurant on weekend and even running a kid’s night, the Fetter children are making the restaurant a true family activity.

When it comes to working with family, Fetter’s advises not to become a micro-manager.

“If you want to micro-manage them then just do it yourself and leave them out of it,” said Fetter. “I am NOT a micro-manager, I am an “empower-er,”I give them the reins (with guidance) and let them grow and make their own decisions and let them live with the outcomes, good or bad. It's all a learning thing.”

Love what you do.
“There is a lot of truth in loving what you do,” said Asha Narsai, a Pita Pit franchisee.

That is what Asha, her brother Andy and their parents Jaya and Rajendra discovered by owning their own Pita Pit franchise in Westminster, Colorado.

Jaya and Rajendra have been always been business owner. Growing up in that environment inspired Asha and Andy to join also take the leap and open units of their own.

Asha credits the success they have had with the brand and working together from being a close family having a good dynamic.

That dynamic has worked out in the family’s favor. With their parent’s experience as business owners, Andy has been able to use his background in accounting and Asha her role in human resources to make this family business thrive.

When it comes to working with her family, Asha stresses the importance of setting boundaries from the beginning.

“Set rules and stick to them,” said Asha. “It’s easier to be harder on each other. You may say things you wouldn’t do in a normal business family.”

For the Narsai family, they have been able to find that balance between work and family.

“The good thing about it, we have a business relationship and a family relationship,” said Asha. “We have made a decision on how things will be decided. We have come to an agreement that works for us.”

Look toward the future.
When Jamal Khalaf brought up the idea of owning a Wireless Zone location to his son Munir, the pair was focused on the future. Now, three years later with two Wireless Zone locations, the future is looking even brighter.

“He raised me so he knows what’s best for me and his intentions are always best for our family and me to better ourselves for the future,” said Munir. “Every decision is to set us up for the future.”

Munir says it’s important for those who want to own a business with their family to have the right intentions and goals in place.

“Have the right intentions in place when you work with family,” said Munir. “It can be difficult, but in our case it worked out very well. Our mentalities are very similar.”

It’s the way the duo is able to see eye-to-eye on things that has made owning a franchise together a positive impact on the business.

Munir sees this opportunity as something that could set him and his family up for life. That’s why his best advice for someone looking to own a franchise with their family is to focus on the long-term goals.

“Know your role and along with keep the goal in mind,” said Munir. “Don’t stray away from what you are trying to achieve and at the end of the day everyone involved wants the same thing—to succeed and grow.”