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The Great Franchisee: Michelle Davison, 360° Painting, Texas

The 23-year American Red Cross worker served during hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Now, she’s launching a new career with the fast-growing painting franchise.

By Jodie OBrien1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 04/22/22

Michelle Davison has witnessed tragedy at an unimaginable scale as a first responder for the American Red Cross. In that career, she responded to two of the worst hurricanes in American history: Katrina and Rita. Now, Davison is starting a new career as a business owner, launching a 360° Painting franchise in Tyler, Texas. Davison says she intends to bring a fresh perspective and quality paint jobs to families and businesses citywide. 

1851 Franchise: What did you do before franchising, and how did you decide franchising made sense for you?

MICHELLE DAVISON: I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, and worked for the North Louisiana American Red Cross for 23 years. I have worked through so many hurricanes, I’ve lost count; hurricanes Katrina and Rita were the big ones. Currently, I’m the executive director for the South Central Region of the US for Canine Companions which is a service dog organization. I’m not planning to leave my role anytime soon, but I am ready to try something new and different. I like challenges and enjoy expanding my skills, and 360° Painting is providing that outlet. I’ve done painting projects in the past and have been the person who felt like giving up and calling someone in to help, but now I’d like to be that person people call.

Just like anyone who has tried to paint on their own for the first time, I’ve experienced the frustration and tried to call in backup. Now, I hope to be the person they call. While working for the Red Cross, the most common occurrence was house fires. I saw how devastating losing a home can be to families, however, I also saw a shift when they begin to rebuild and get their lives in some semblance of order. This new adventure inspires me because I remember the look on a home owner’s face when they walked into a new, clean space. I’m hoping to provide that “fresh paint feeling” to families in Tyler.   

1851: What was your perception of franchising prior to becoming a franchisee, and what do you want people to know about franchising now that you are in it?

DAVISON: Before I started learning about it, I thought franchising was turnkey. I thought you just walked into the business of your choice, turned on the lights and everything would be ready for you. As I've worked the franchise model for my business, I realize you need to have some skin in the game. It's been a good challenge as a new owner. The system is there, but if I don’t implement it properly, it will not thrive.

1851: What makes you stand out as a business owner in your local community?

DAVISON: I’m straightforward, honest and hardworking, and I don’t mind putting in the hours and the hard work to get the mission accomplished. I didn’t ever consider starting my new business in a larger city than Tyler. I love the atmosphere and feel of this area. The people are friendly and inviting and it truly feels like "home". Living in a great community is what will make this business successful, and I am proud and excited to now call this area home. This particular franchise means so much to me because I recognize how much a home means to families. While working in Louisiana, I experienced members of homeless families react when they finally were granted a place to call home.

1851: What made you pick this brand? What excites you most about this company?

DAVISON: The road map is there. I’m pretty good at implementing systems, so I’m hoping with that ability together with the atmosphere of Tyler, I will be successful. 

1851: What do you hope to achieve with your business? What are your plans for growth? 

DAVISON: I would love to become a bedrock for the Tyler market and have everyone lean on  360° Painting for their home painting needs. Not many people have heard of us yet, but we’re doing our best to get the word out there. I would love to be an active member of the community and find ways to participate and get to know the community I’ve chosen as home. 

1851: What advice do you have for other people thinking about becoming a franchise owner?

DAVISON: Do your research and get all your ducks in a row before you make the move, but do take the leap! Then, if you’ve done the footwork, and you’ve vetted the organization and you know what you're getting into, believe in yourself that you can do it. Realize that you’re not going to start making money right off the bat. You have to be able to withstand the startup costs and they can be costly.



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