The Search for Perfection
The Search for Perfection

It’s the collective energy and creativity from our team that will drive our agency to greatness.

Becoming a great agency is not simply about creating a great culture. It is about finding great people who want to make great things.

As the CEO of No Limit Agency, I believe this is my single most important task: Finding great people. It’s not just creating marketing buzz for the agency in hopes of generating new business—it’s about creating moments within our agency’s four walls that others will want to talk about, be jealous about, and ultimately be a part of. Greatness doesn’t happen through a single brain—it happens through a collective. It’s the collective energy and creativity from our team that will spark new business moments and drive our agency to greatness.

That’s because when you do great things, the rest will take care of itself.

Great things can come from great ideas, but great ideas won’t always come from great thinkers. Everything starts and stops at hiring and maintaining. Sure, this is where culture plays an important role, but finding great people to create that culture is the first step.

People create culture, bosses don’t.

I frequent Sport Clips when I get stressed. I love the massages and the shampoos that accompany the haircut. Their culture of sports and simplicity brings me in, and their delivery of excellence and culture keeps me coming back. Sport Clips is my escape from a stressful day. It is also responsible for sawing off as many gray hairs as possible to keep my baby face matching the color of my hair.

Gray hairs, though, don’t come from a lack of creativity in my organization. Nor do they come from client stress or the hunger to grow the business. They come from managing people—and managing to find great people to be a part of our journey.

When you are the creator of the business, you have this fuel inside of you that propels you through any brick wall. Your team may not think or feel the same way. The loyal ones will be there with a hammer to help you break the wall, but if the wall doesn’t break, they are not going to feel as heavy of an emotional burden—until you find a way to make the organization more entrepreneurial for those who show the drive (catch the entrepreneur before he/she catches you).

My search for perfection starts and stops with great people. I want to work with the greatest people in the world. I want them to join our journey. In order to find them and secure them, I need to tell the right narrative about our brand, our story and our vision. If I can do so, as the leader, I will be able to find the gems and motivate them to search for perfection. And when they fall short of perfection, I will be very pleased with excellence.

At the end of the day, it is my responsibly to the client to ensure I am creating a team composed of the best people possible so that their brand can reap the benefit. We have the signature building, the signature location, the signature office, the signature brands—and we are working on the signature people.

We have snagged many greats who want to make great things. I am on a mission to find more.