The Counter® Launches Development Initiative in Dallas, Texas
The Counter® Launches Development Initiative in Dallas, Texas

The innovative burger brand believes that Dallas has the potential to be the launching pad for growth throughout the entire Midwest.

The burger segment of the restaurant franchising industry is constantly being flooded with more of the same. That’s why consumers catch on to concepts that actually stand out – it’s rare for burger fans to find a brand that stands out from the crowd. But staying ahead of the competition is something that The Counter does best. The emerging franchise has positioned itself as an up and coming leader in the industry that’s focus on customization and modernization is paying off in a big way. And now, consumers in Dallas, Texas are going to have the opportunity to see what the hype is about.

Ever since The Counter was founded, it’s been known for having high quality, fresh ingredients. But what really sets us apart is the ability to customize our burgers with different toppings, meats and buns. Guests can choose from 13 different cheeses, 28 toppings, 22 sauces and seven buns in addition to deciding whether they want a classic burger, chicken, bison or even mahi-mahi. That means that there are over one million different options that a customer can have in our franchisees restaurants. When you combine that with the ambiance – which is an industrial, high energy environment – it creates a one of a kind dining experience,” said John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development with The Counter.

What makes that business model such a great fit for the Dallas market is its ability to tap into consumer demands. Personalized orders are growing in popularity, which aligns with The Counter’s core model. That’s why the brand is actively looking for franchisees to bring the concept to the area. Aspiring entrepreneurs who sign on with the brand won’t be the first to bring The Counter to Texas – franchisees are already experiencing growth in Houston, establishing a strong track record and level of brand awareness in the state.

But what makes The Counter’s business ownership opportunity in Dallas unique is the fact that the city can serve as a crucial hub for the rest of the Midwest.

“I think that Dallas has the potential to be the launching pad for The Counter not only in the state of Texas, but for the entire Midwest. Franchisees who sign on in Dallas will have the opportunity to expose people in the area to what’s unique about the Counter and build more buzz, which will then travel as customers take it back to their hometowns,” Wuycheck said. “Dallas is a market that understands beef and what a great burger should taste like. The city also has an economy and business culture that would support The Counter in addition to suburban areas that are a natural fit for these restaurants.”

As The Counter looks toward its development initiative in Dallas, the brand is hunting for high caliber franchisees.

“The Counter’s ideal franchisee is a driven entrepreneur who’s dedicated to developing this innovative restaurant concept. They should also bring restaurant experience to the table, or be prepared to work with a partner who has experienced growth in the industry before,” said Nicole Rayborn, Vice President of Franchise Development with the Counter. “We’ve found that combining our franchisees’ expertise with our brand’s strong support system creates a recipe for growth. We’ve fine-tuned and honed our training programs over the years and are completely confident in our ability to work together with our passionate franchisees to build their businesses and make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.”

In addition to its expanding presence in Texas, The Counter® also has over 30 domestic locations up and running across Arizona, California, Idaho, Hawaii, Florida, New York and Virginia. The Counter also has international restaurants in Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Mexico, Ghana and Japan. Prospective franchisees interested in opening their own restaurant in Dallas or beyond can expect startup costs to fall between $786,000 and $2,355,250, including a $50,000 franchise fee.

“Dallas has been on our brand’s radar for a long time, which is why we’re excited to officially launch our development initiative in the city. We’re confident that between our support system and our future franchisees’ in depth knowledge of the market, The Counter will be able to hit the ground running in Dallas as well as the rest of the Midwest,” Wuycheck said.

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