These are a Few of My Favorite Things in 2015
These are a Few of My Favorite Things in 2015

Here are my 15 favorite moments from 2015. What are yours?

I am going to go first. Care to join in the share? Take the list below and tag five people on Facebook to do the same (feel free to share yours in the comments below):

15 Favorites in 15

Name: Nick Powills

Favorite Moment of 2015: The birth of my son, Lennon.

Favorite Taste of 2015: Sea Bass (New York Prime, Atlanta).

Favorite Laugh of 2015: Sean Fitzgerald’s ongoing birthday celebration.

Favorite Business Trip of 2015: Franchise Leadership & Development Conference (Atlanta).

Favorite Day of 2015: January 8 (birth of my son).

Favorite Purchase of 2015: Moved into our new office in the Prudential Building—that was a pretty cool office design/purchase move.

Favorite Restaurant of 2015: Summer House (Chicago).

Favorite Smell of 2015: Pumpkin anything.

Favorite Website of 2015:

Favorite Loving Moment of 2015: Every day with my family.

Favorite Family Moment of 2015: My son Jagger’s birthday party—lots of friends and family celebrating.

Favorite Present of 2015: My Tumi suitcase (I know, lame).

Favorite Movie or Favorite Entertainment Moment of 2015: Blackhawks winning another Stanley Cup.

Favorite Song of 2015: GYMGUYZ (Josh, ABB) “Shake it Off Remix.”

Favorite Thing You Think Will Happen in 2016: NLA and 1851 will add another sister company.