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This is Not a Drill: Popeyes Is Restocking Its Famous Chicken Sandwiches

In the words of Michael Scott, ‘It’s happening! Everybody stay calm!’

The only chicken sandwich that matters is finally coming back. According to The Takeout, Popeyes announced its plans to restock its high-demand chicken sandwiches next month––and this time, they’re not messing around. 

After the fried chicken chain experienced a national shortage that caused chaos and absolute mayhem through the streets, Popeyes is preparing for its second chicken sandwich debut. Sun Holdings, Inc.––a multi brand franchise holding company that operates Popeyes––CEO Guillermo Perales told Bloomberg that at least 149 Popeyes franchises in Texas, Florida and Oklahoma will be hiring 400 additional employees to help man the chicken sandwiches, the article states.

“The first time, they weren’t ready,” said Pareles, according to The Takeout.


While there’s no set-in-stone date, Popeyes’s franchisees are working diligently to hire more staff to help make the chicken sandwiches. Customers are already getting pumped for the drop of the Popeyes chicken sandwich and are sounding off on Twitter about their excitement.

“I’m getting in line now for this Popeyes chicken sandwich,” said one Twitter user. “I have to try one this go-around.”

At last, there’s peace in the world (for now).

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