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Tippi Toes Partners with Franchise Fastlane to Expand Operations Across the Country

Tippi Toes, the youth enrichment franchise, is partnering with Franchise Fastlane to accelerate its growth and reach more children across the country.

By Jeff DwyerStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 05/11/23

Tippi Toes, the youth enrichment franchise with 38 units and counting, is stepping up its efforts to expand its reach and provide its services to even more communities across the country.

Tippi Toes was founded in 1999 by Sarah Nuse and since its inception, has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing children’s dance franchises in the country. By 2020, the brand had opened its 35th franchise territory. Tippi Toes offers dance classes and other physical activities to children while promoting physical fitness, self-esteem and creativity.

As part of Tippi Toes’s latest growth initiative, CEO Sarah Nuse says the brand has partnered with leading franchise consulting firm, Franchise Fastlane, to help further accelerate its expansion plans. According to Nuse, their goal is to find and add franchisees who understand their mission and the value of Tippi Toes, and those who want to impact the lives of children for the better.

“We partnered with Franchise Fastlane because they will be able to help us exponentially grow. "We're excited to bring Tippi Toes into new communities across the country."The entry of Tippi Toes into a new market results in a rapid increase in sales,” said Nuse.

With the assistance of Franchise Fastlane, Nuse is hoping to sell between 25 and 40 franchises in the coming year. But it’s not just about becoming a bigger franchise network. Nurse says the true heart and soul of Tippi Toes is its mission to impact the lives of as many children as possible.

“The world needs more positive people and programs. If you’re the type of person who wants to make an impact on the next generation while making money, Tippi Toes is the perfect opportunity for you,” she said.

Tom Ryan, the Vice President of Franchise Development at Franchise Fastlane, seems to agree with that sentiment. According to Ryan, Franchise Fastlane is very selective about which franchises it chooses to partner with. But, when Ryan and the team at Franchise Fastlane were introduced to Tippi Toes, they were impressed with the concept’s track record and business model.

“Franchise Fastlane is highly selective when it comes to choosing which franchise companies to partner with.”, Ryan said. “Not only were we really impressed with what Tippi Toes has managed to build, but their story was even more compelling.”

Ryan, a father himself, says the brand instantly stood out to him because of its commitment to building children’s self-esteem, promoting healthy habits, and putting smiles on their faces. Another factor that set Tippi Toes apart, Ryan says, is its partnership with World Help®. For every 12 franchises that Tippi Toes sells, the brand builds one house in Guatemala. Ryan believes this sort of partnership is exactly why Tippi Toes is poised to see significant growth, because it’s not only dedicated to helping children in the U.S. but it’s dedicated to making an impact on children around the world.

“This is a concept for anyone who’s driven and who wants to make an impact. I would also argue it’s the ultimate lifestyle opportunity.  We like to say that our franchise owners can truly “seize the day”, while enjoying their nights, weekends and holidays with their families.  Yes, we want our owners to aggressively build this great brand in their communities, but we also want to provide them with an opportunity to have great “work-life” balance.  I believe Tippi Toes is well on its way to becoming a household brand within the next year or two,” Ryan said.

Ryan is hoping to grow the brand by 25 franchise outlets this year and be positioned to grow more aggressively in 2024 and beyond.  He believes they will achieve 100 open franchise territories within the next couple of years.

For those interested in opening a Tippi Toes franchise, Ryan says the franchise is appealing because it has incredibly low overhead, doesn’t require a physical storefront, and is hugely convenient for both franchise owners, referral partners, and the great families we serve.  We aren’t adding an extra drop off or pick up for busy families.  We truly “out-convenience” our competition in the child enrichment industry.” These factors were echoed by Nuse, who also says a part of the brand’s success has been its ability to easily enter preschools, daycares, churches and other community centers. This convenience has made it easier for Tippi Toes to spread throughout communities and create a successful network of franchisees.  

“We set everything up for our franchise owners. This allows our franchise owners to focus on sales, becoming a part of the community, and ultimately be a staple for families in their town,” said Nuse. “Tippi Toes has already made a name for itself, but I think it will become the ‘it’ thing for children across the U.S. once we’re able to spread even further.”

Tippi Toes is actively seeking multi-unit operators nationwide, including markets such as San Antonio, Austin and Fort Worth, Texas; Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; Las Vegas, Nevada; Salt Lake City, Utah; Omaha, Nebraska; Little Rock, Arkansas; Columbus, Ohio; Orlando, Florida; Denver, Colorado; to name a few.

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