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Top Franchise Lawyers: David Paris of Paris Ackerman LLP

1851 Franchise’s annual compilation of great franchise attorneys.

1851 interviewed Paris Ackerman LLP’s David Paris about why he loves franchising and his predictions for the future of the industry.

About David Paris (from firm’s website):

David S. Paris is one of the founding partners of Paris Ackerman LLP. David focuses his practice on sophisticated multi-unit franchise transactions and franchise financing. David’s client list includes some of the largest multi-unit operators in the nation’s top franchise systems.


David’s concentration is on franchise mergers and acquisitions, representing franchisees in hundreds of millions of dollars in complex multi-unit network transactions each year. David represents multi-unit operators in the purchase and sale of assets, transfers of stock and membership interests, 1031 like-kind asset exchanges, and internal transfers of interest. David also advises his multi-unit clients on the creation and implementation of their networks’ corporate infrastructure through the formation of multi-tiered entity ownership and management companies.

About Paris Ackerman LLP (from firm’s website):

The attorneys at Paris Ackerman LLP have garnered a reputation within the legal industry for being the consummate “dealmakers”. We have developed a team of best in class professionals who continually demonstrate the ability to structure, negotiate, and close complex and sophisticated transactions across a broad spectrum of industries.


Our highly skilled transactional lawyers are known for their legal and financial acumen in franchise, licensing and distribution, commercial real estate, leasing, and general business law. We represent multi-unit operators in most major franchise systems throughout the country, as well as other established business owners, real estate investors and entrepreneurs. As a business-minded law firm, we measure our success based on client growth and satisfaction.

1851 Franchise: What drew you to franchise law and what are some of the things you like about working in the field? 

David Paris: Franchising is a multibillion-dollar industry that thrives on expansion and innovation. Also, I always liked the idea of being able to drive around visiting the business that we helped our clients buy, sell or build. This gives my work a tangible quality that most law practices don’t have.

1851: What is something you think every prospective franchisee should know about franchising before diving into the industry and why? 

Paris: The relationship is more paternalistic than partnership. The franchisor profits from the franchisees’ top line, while the franchisee lives off of its own bottom line; the relationship is in an inherent conflict from the start.

1851: What do you see as the biggest or most interesting topic in franchising over the next year and why?

Paris: In my world of franchise transactions, the unemployment rate and unknown future of the minimum wage are among the most prevalent topics. While a low unemployment rate is generally considered a positive economic metric, as it affects business owners, the pool from which to hire qualified employees becomes much more shallow. As for the minimum wage, most operators who own businesses in industries that rely on minimum wage employees have deep concerns about how any mandated wage increases will impact their bottom line.