Top International Cuisine Franchises Over 50 Units
Top International Cuisine Franchises Over 50 Units

These ten restaurant concepts are already doing big things, and the momentum is next expected to stop anytime soon.

When it comes to dining out or ordering in, America’s consumers like their pick of options. Long gone are the days when pizza is the only thing that would come directly to your door. International cuisine is picking up momentum, and quickly. While there are new franchises in the international cuisine sector constantly being introduced, there are a few that have already made their mark in the system. Ten, to be exact. Keep an eye out for these Top 10 Established Internal Cuisine Brands as we head into 2019, because they are not slowing momentum anytime soon.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Units: 726

Investment Range: $1,017,631 - $2,099,391

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ was founded off of one philosophy – “Kando Sozo.” This means to exceed expectations and create memorable experiences. The brand has not fallen short of doing this in its both domestic and international franchised locations.

The brand franchised its first location in 1997, and has since exploded with growth. The brand boasts locations across the world in major markets including Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and in the U.S. with locations in major cities like New York, Chicago, Boston and recent growth in Hawaii. The growth momentum is not expected to slow down anytime soon with new restaurants slated for Arlington, Chicago and Denver before the close of 2018.

HuHot Mongolian Grills

Units: 61

Investment Range: $984,000 - $1,219,000

HuHot Mongolian Grills has built a noteworthy base of franchisees since they first franchised in 2002. Franchisees boast diverse restaurant backgrounds with brands including KFC, Taco Bell, Ruby Tuesday, and Smashburger to name a few. While each franchisee had a unique way of finding HuHot, the leadership team stresses that the franchise team is a team, and works together for a common goal.

In the summer of 2018, the franchise elevated its customer offering with a newly launched “Grill Pass,” allowing loyal guests to pre-purchase grill meals at a discounted rate. The brand puts innovation on the forefront with both their consumer and franchise offering, making them one to watch for 2019.

Teriyaki Madness*

Units: 46

Investment Range: $273,699 - $670,760

Teriyaki Madness began franchising since 2005, and has since seen an upward climb in the number of locations each year. On top of that, the brand boasts an almost entirely franchisee-owned franchise base, with the corporate team only operating one location.

According to the owners, who originally opened the first location when they were in college in Las Vegas and could not find good teriyaki, the food is simple. On top of that, the brand is positioning well for the huge third-party delivery boom that has already hit the restaurant scene with food that travels well and tastes better as it comes together.

Genghis Grill

Units: 110

Investment Range: $346,600 - $973,500

Genghis Grill is not new to the franchise sector, but they are always introducing something new to their franchisees. One thing in particular is the combinations offered through their restaurants. With the different sizes and styles of restaurants, Genghis Grill has found success from coast to coast, and as far away as Hong Kong and the Middle East.

The brand has done a good job of identifying as a 21-year-old restaurant, with a 21st century marketing campaign. Pairing the history and knowledge of the segment with the determined leadership team that is always looking forward makes this brand one to watch in 2019.

Taco John’s

Units: 391

Investment Range: $942,000 - $1,388,500

Taco John’s has been franchising for nearly 50 years, and with this many decades of experience comes success. The brand has seen consistent growth over the past decade, with a majority of its units as franchisee-owned.

To stay ahead of the game with both its offering to the franchisee and customer, Taco John’s continuously introduces new crave worthy menu items. In 2018, the brand introduced Loaded Potato Oles and Sirloin Steak Burritos. The brand also announced its largest development deal ever in late 2017, with a 100-unit deal for growth in South Carolina and Georgia. Keep an eye on Taco John’s as they are not slowing down anytime soon.

Qdoba Mexican Eats

Units: 729

Investment Range: $936,226 - $2,282,609

Qdoba is quickly nearing the 1,000 unit mark and have seen incredible success putting flavor first. Whether the queso, hand smashed guacamole – people go to Qdoba for the food. And the brand expects the same from their prospective franchisees.

Besides explosive growth, the brand is not afraid to stay in the media with pokes at its biggest competitor – Chipotle. When Chipotle announced a free guac day, the leading Mexican Grill stressed that their guac is always free, and they stressed the reminder by sending truckloads of avocados to several Chipotle locations. These trendy and cheeky moves will keep Qdoba on the list of ones to watch in 2019.

Del Taco

Units: 566

Investment Range: $859,700 - $2,116,500

Del Taco has been seeing fast, but steady growth over the past five years. The brand passed the 500 unit mark, with a nearly 50/0 split between franchisee-owned and corporate-owned locations. The brand has put value on the forefront since the first location was opened in 1964.

Even with having been in the franchise sector for decades, the brand still has exclusive territory availability throughout the country, specifically in the Midwest. This allows franchisees to get into a growing brand that boasts AUV’s nearly at $1.5 million dollars, and still have their choice for a territory.

Pho Hoa

Units: 75

Investment Range: $226,100 - $436,650

Pho Hoa is in a market that is extremely hot right now. As the Asian segment continues to build a loyal fan base, especially when third-party delivery comes into play, this concept has something great to offer for prospective franchisees.

Much of the brand’s growth has been internationally, with more than 50 franchises outside of the U.S. This means that franchisees have an opportunity to get in with a highly acclaimed concept in a territory that they want. The brand landed on this year’s Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2018 Top Food Franchises and Top Global Franchises and the momentum is not expected to slow anytime soon.

Thai Express

Units: 302

Investment Range: $337,900 - $753,700

Thai Express has not even made its mark in the U.S. as of yet. The international concept opened their first U.S. location at the Mall of America in 2017. This opening kicked off a slew of U.S. development, starting with Atlanta.

As Thai Express begins its U.S. expansion, franchisees should keep eye out for this one as it builds domestic momentum and take their pick of territory.

Ginger Sushi Boutique

Units: 140

Investment Range: $265,560 - $387,700

Ginger Sushi Boutique, known as The Sushi Shop in Canada where the brand has a large presence, is excited to be expanding to the U.S. for the first time with its new identity. The brand has already taken Canada by storm with 140 locations and is looking to mimic this success on U.S. soil.

And, the momentum has already started. In 2017, the brand announced a partnership with a large Florida area developer who is looking to kick-off U.S. expansion in a big way. Look out for this one in the next year – they are expected to do big things.

*Brands marked with an asterisk are clients of 1851 Franchise or No Limit Agency.