Top Real Estate Franchises Under 50 Units
Top Real Estate Franchises Under 50 Units

1851’s list of the most intriguing real estate franchises under 50 units.

The ever-fluctuating real estate industry is crowded with large franchises, small businesses and everything in between. Due to the overwhelming amount of competition and potential for market instability, it is essential for these brands to respond to the times and the needs of both buyers and sellers to stay relevant and growing. These are the growing brands embracing change and innovation in the race to the top.


Unit count: Operating in 10 territories

Initial investment: $29,900 and up

Hommati was founded in response to the lack of innovative technology incorporated into the real estate industry. The company has revamped the sign-in-the-yard sales method by working with sellers and real estate agents to provide an innovative and detailed listing process. Hommati franchisees earn their commercial drone licenses to then provide services such as aerial videos, 3D tours, virtual staging, virtual reality tours, 4K ultra HD photography and more. Hommati’s interactive app and website promote listings across the country and offer prospective buyers who use its mobile app the opportunity to locate homes for sale in their ever-changing immediate area.

Blue Moon Estate Sales

Unit count: More than 20 territories nationwide

Investment range: $42,500-$83,900

Blue Moon Estate Sales has grown and standardized the traditionally small and fragmented estate sale market. By putting franchisees through detailed training and ethics programs, the home-based business provides top-tier, replicable residential, commercial and moving liquidation services with individual client needs in mind, selling everything from cars and fine jewelry to pots and pans. The brand recently invested in a technological upgrade that streamlined front and back-end business operations to help a growing number of clients looking to downsize profit off of the billions of dollars worth of possessions in their homes nationwide.

Morrison Plus Property Inspections

Unit count: 20 territories across California

Investment range: $50,000-$150,000

Homes don’t get sold unless they pass the inspection first. Morrison Plus Property Inspections offers both home and commercial services, working with buyers, sellers, real estate professionals and commercial property managers. The franchise brand’s services cover roof, plumbing, electrical, attic, foundation, exteriors, grounds, pools, heating and air conditioning systems, plus, the company can even inspect drain and sewer lines. By prioritizing high-level service and competitive pricing, Morrison Plus Property Inspections was able to grow steadily from the time it was founded in 2007 through the recession to the present, serving more than 100 cities in 20 territories throughout California.

Redefy Real Estate

Unit count: Operating in approximately 60 U.S. cities

Investment range: $67,000-$530,000

Redefy Real Estate is shaking up the industry by providing full-service home sale assistance for a flat rate of $3,000. Redefy provides all of the traditional real estate services, including in-home consultations, scheduling showings, professional photography, yard signs, lock boxes and more. Customers are supported by a proprietary technology employed by a team of experts that provides marketing and advertising data and materials coupled with customer resource management that results in consistent and verified lead generation and added online exposure. Redefy also supports customers through the inspection, contract, negotiation and closing processes. The brand recently appointed a new CEO to spearhead a larger presence in the online residential real estate market.

All County Property Management

Unit count: Approximately 50 locations nationwide

Investment range: $66,950-$98,900

All County Property Management operates in commercial real estate serving the lucrative rental industry. Founded in 1990 and based out of South Florida, the property management franchise brand began franchising in 2008. All County’s corporate team has three decades of experience in property management for franchisees to rely on for extensive training and ongoing support as they open up and run their locations. The brand has invested in technology over its history to stay in step with the changing real estate landscape, bringing stability to its business in the always in-demand property management segment. All County Property Management prides itself on its recurring revenue model and the chance for a quick startup.

Watters International Realty*

Unit count: 4 territories in Texas

Investment range: N/A

Christopher Watters had worked in the real estate industry for years before he founded Watters International Realty in 2010 in an effort to develop a real estate model that produced faster, more efficient results. What resulted was a successful enterprise that has grown rapidly due to a focus on helping their agents meet and exceed their own expectations as they are guided in creating a business of their own. Watters team members represent sellers throughout the entire selling process, including the marketing, staging, pricing and showing of the home. Watters International also serves buyers at no cost, looking after their interests and understanding their needs to best match them with the right home. The Watters International system is expanding its reach in Texas beyond its Austin stronghold with plans to open 28 units in the Houston area in the near future.


Unit count: 10 locations throughout the Midwest

Investment range: $136,236-$270,472.

Consumer-to-consumer transactions are the name of the game for emerging industry disruptor FSBOHOMES. The franchise brand functions as an advertising and coordination service by employing a team of area professionals like appraisers, home inspectors, photographers and on-site real estate attorneys to help homeowners throughout the selling process. Without acting as a real estate agent or broker, the company bypasses all fiduciary relationships and relies on public information to provide customers with insight and advice, resulting in average savings of nearly $15,000, the brand says. FSBOHOMES’ profitable role in the equation is supplying the legal and closing services after a sale has been agreed to.

Book By Owner

Unit count: 27 locations nationwide

Investment range: $42,250-$72,500

When it comes to vacation properties, marketing can be easily handled remotely, whether by the owner or a service provider. The ground services like housekeeping and property damage assessment between guests and regular maintenance, however, require an on-site facilitator. That’s where Book By Owner comes in. The franchise brand has capitalized on this particular need by establishing itself in major resort towns nationwide, providing vacation homeowners the aforementioned services in addition to arranging guest check-in and check-out through an automated software. Book By Owner franchises compete with larger, corporate-owned entities in the same areas by serving as a local point of reference for both short and long-term renters.

The Inspection Boys

Unit count: 5 locations in New York and Florida

Investment range: $29,950-$44,800

The Inspection Boys is a New York-based home inspection service hireable by buyers, sellers, real estate agents and brokers. The brand acknowledges its youth and size by making up for it in quality of delivery, or as the company’s mission statement says, “we will stand up with any of them when it comes to integrity, honesty, morality and ethics.” The Inspection Boys offer a wealth of services that include interior, exterior and grounds and all utilize a process that examines hundreds of structural and physical components. The brand recently expanded beyond its extensive New York presence to the Jacksonville, Florida region.

*Brands marked with an asterisk are clients of 1851 Franchise or No Limit Agency.