Toppers Pizza Featured on FOX Business
Toppers Pizza Featured on FOX Business

The Wisconsin-based pizza chain serves Mac & Cheese pies topped with success.

Toppers Pizza was born out of the passion for pizza that drives the brand's founder, Scott Gittrich, who became frustrated by the lack of opportunity in his previous job at Domino's and believed he could do pizza better.

As part of their "Salute to American Success" series, FOX Business took a look at the successful franchise Gittrich was able to grow from scratch.

"We made our name through this 'little guy' image," Gittrich told FOX Business. "We compete with some of the world's biggest restaurant chains and we are kind of a quirky little company that cares and is passionate about what we do. The 'little guy' attitude carries the brand today."

But Toppers is a "little guy" no more—the brand has more than 70 locations across more than a dozen states. Gittrich told FOX Business that the brand is focused on experienced franchisees to continue the brand's growth.

“We’re selling franchises to only restaurant-proven people who have wherewithal to open three to four restaurants in a short amount of time,” Gittrich said. “Our franchise program of 10 years ago has morphed quite a bit into more restaurant-experienced folks.”

Toppers weathered the rocky economy created by the recession and came out of it stronger. In 2016, Toppers Pizza plans to open 12-14 new restaurants, and reach 600-700 stores open by 2025.

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