Cheddar: Grabbing a Slice of the Pie | 1851 Franchise
Cheddar: Grabbing a Slice of the Pie
Cheddar: Grabbing a Slice of the Pie

Scott Gittrich joins Cheddar to talk all things Toppers Pizza

Toppers Pizza has expanded their franchise presence behind a desire to do pizza better. That's been the motivating factor for Toppers Pizza's founder and president Scott Gittrich since he founded the brand more than 25 years ago. Gittrich was a guest recently on Cheddar where he touched on the journey to growing to nearly 100 units and how they are taking on the corporate pizza chains, as well as what makes a great franchisee for Toppers.

"A great franchisee is somebody who has a passion for pizza, a passion for restaurants, loves to work with people - and people that are in communities that are ready for a pizza like ours," Gittrich told Cheddar. Toppers Pizza currently has 80 locations and plans to open 16 in 2017, with plans to hit the milestone 100th location in 2018.

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