Entrepreneur: Father and Son Duo Thrive as Toppers Pizza Franchisees
Entrepreneur: Father and Son Duo Thrive as Toppers Pizza Franchisees

Together, Jon S. and Jon P. Crowe own three Toppers pizzerias in the Omaha area.

Franchising can be a truly family business, and as we come out of the recession and an emerging entrepreneurial group of Millennials see less opportunity in the workforce, many parent/child teams are turning to franchise ownership as an option - and thriving.

In a recent issue of Entrepreneur Startups magazine, the trend toward family ownership was explored, including the successful father son team of Jon S. and Jon P. Crowe who are multi-unit owners for rapidly growing Toppers Pizza. The Crowes never intended to work together, but after a trip to Whitewater, Wisconsin to look into the Toppers Pizza franchise opportunity, the two decided that it was a great opportunity to open a viable business together.

“He’s working his butt off,” Jon S. Crowe told Entrepreneur. “That’s one thing I admire about Jon. He’s never backed away from the hours. I’m just grateful I could provide him the opportunity to show everyone what he could do.”

The two found a good dynamic to separate work and family life, evolving to a point where they don't discuss work after 8 p.m. The two own three Toppers Pizza locations in the Omaha area and are preparing to open a fourth in 2017.

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