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Toppers Hones in On the Carolinas for Expansion in 2017
Toppers Hones in On the Carolinas for Expansion in 2017
The brand responds to the demand for better pizza in North and South Carolina with multiple new locations.

Between scoring major multi-unit franchisee deals, positioning the brand to be the go-to pizza company for football season and removing additional fees for toppings (all in 2016), Toppers Pizza has proven that the brand is actively looking for new ways to grow and improve upon its already great system. With 2017 just around the corner, Toppers is now also working towards widespread expansion in the Carolinas.

Toppers is finding that opportunities for growth in both North and South Carolina are rampant. For North Carolina, the brand is focusing specifically on the cities of Charlotte and Raleigh, as well as Charlotte’s many surrounding suburbs. Toppers is also excited about expansion opportunities in South Carolina, where they’re looking to break ground and become the go-to pizza place.

“With factors such as good professional sports teams and colleges located throughout the states leading to demand for more options like Toppers, the Carolinas are a good fit for our brand,” says Mark Cairns, Toppers director of franchise development.

Franchisee Wayne Byers is helping to meet the growing demand by opening two new Toppers locations in Raleigh, North Carolina, which are slated to open their doors in spring of 2017. Soon after, he plans to add a third location. While currently expecting to stay in the Raleigh area due to the sheer amount of existing opportunities within and around the city, Byers hasn’t ruled out further expansion throughout the state.

“North Carolina, specifically, is a good place to be,” says Byers. “There’s a growing demand to live here, and I expect the area will continue to grow. There’s also a real need for the brand in the Carolinas—the region, which is filled with college students and families, represents a wide swath of our key demographic. Thirdly, North Carolina and the Triangle area all have great economies and are primed for success for all types of business.”

Focusing further south, Cairns says that plans for a new Toppers location in Fort Mill, South Carolina will help open up the state for development over the next couple years. Charleston and Myrtle Beach are also on the table for potential development markets. To get South Carolina primed for success, Cairns says Toppers will leverage the experience of veteran franchisees to spearhead the state and build out the brand.

“Toppers is looking to make the brand available for more college students and military bases to meet the demand for quality pizza. As you build more stores, and do it right, everyone wins. We know that more brand recognition and more ad dollars will lead to success for all of our operators in North and South Carolina, paving a path for even more expansion with new and veteran franchisees alike,” Cairns says.