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Training vs. Coaching in the Workplace

Why coaching is crucial to developing leaders.

Training is a lot different than true coaching in the workplace. In this video, I explain why coaching is important and how it differs from training.

The thing is, training or literal step-by-step instructions should not be the goal when trying to develop leaders. Training typically relates to teaching someone how to do a specific task. When you focus on just training, people are going to fall back into a transactional mentality.

Coaching is the most effective method for cultivating leadership talent. One reason why coaching is important is that it offers opportunities for support and guidance while promoting free-thinking and self-discovery. This kind of development is much more conducive to helping people reach their full potential because it’s multi-dimensional.

Coaching in the workplace is a great way to foster individual thought, provide reassurance and advice, and provide a safe space where each person can grow into their unique talents. Leaders have a responsibility to respond to a variety of circumstances and challenges. Thus, in order to effectively prepare someone to lead, they need to develop an ability to think independently and act based on their strengths.

Training does none of these things. It simply teaches a single way of doing something. While step-by-step training has its place, it is not suitable for developing one’s talents. That’s something that requires ongoing mentoring and guidance.

Coaching in the workplace is a critical tool for creating effective leadership staff. Above all, the reason why coaching is important is because the quality of your coaching will largely determine the quality of your leaders. Don’t neglect this crucial aspect of your business.