Transparency is Key for Alair Homes
Transparency is Key for Alair Homes

Canadian home building franchise targets 10-state expansion within next 12 months.

After growing from one to 52 units across Canada in less than three years, Alair Homes is ready to make its presence felt in the U.S.
In 2014, the Canadian-based custom home and renovation contractor business established its first U.S. base in Scottsdale, Arizona and began to see success within the first six weeks of opening.
“I certainly was optimistic,” said David Letourneau, franchisee of Alair Homes in Scottsdale. “From a franchise perspective, it’s low-dollar entry, and there’s no limit to the upside of what a person can make. There’s nothing that compares to this.”
Now, the company plans to expand its brand throughout the country by establishing locations in 10 states within the next year. Blair McDaniel, founder and CEO of Alair Homes, said their first U.S. location has been met with positive results.

“The Scottsdale location has been, quite frankly, wildly successful,” he said. “We’re looking to add an additional 12 to 15 offices in the Phoenix region, with another 25 throughout the rest of the state.”

Recently, Alair Homes has signed deals with new regional partners in Northern Ohio, Indiana, Northern New York and Washington, with interest being shown in Alabama, Texas and Florida.

“We’ve seen some serious growth in the last 60 days,” McDaniel said. “In July, we set up nine new offices throughout Canada and the U.S., and we plan to have another 12 units by the end of September.”

Founded in 2007, Alair Homes aims to create quality and value every step of the way by incorporating a customer-oriented and marketing-savvy model that is unlike the traditional approach taken by contractors. Utilizing Client Control™, the brand builds a transparent partnership with its clients by allowing customers to maximize their involvement in the home building and renovation process.

McDaniel said the model provides the best end result for clients, which is a direct benefit to franchisees.

“As it relates to the client, we’re pretty revolutionary to our approach,” he said. “We’re extremely transparent. We get involved at the same side of the process with our clients by showing them what we see, and then we work through the details together. We don’t move forward until we have approval from our clients.”

With more than 1,400 projects under its belt, Alair Homes is seeking franchisees with contracting experience or those seeking to further their experience in the home building industry in the U.S., starting with Dallas and Houston; Nashville, Tennessee; and Orlando and Tampa, Florida.

“We are looking to add 10 to 15 new regional partners in 2016,” McDaniel said. “This is a very exciting time, not just for our company, but for our entire industry. Our success in Canada proves that our concept works and we are confident that our processes and systems will be just as successful in the U.S. The only question that remains is where to build next.”