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How TruBlue Total House Care is Filling a Critical Gap in the Senior Services Market with Handyman and Maintenance Offerings

With a range of maintenance, home modifications and handyman services, TruBlue helps seniors age safely at home while providing busy families with much-needed support.

TruBlue Total House Care, the emerging, 60+ unit home-services franchise, has made a name for itself as the only franchise brand focused on providing both home maintenance, modification and repair services in addition to ongoing in-home support to help seniors age in place. Now, as America’s rapidly growing senior population increasingly looks to age at home rather than senior living facilities   — a trend accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic — there is a higher demand for quality in-home care and maintenance services to help keep seniors safe while living at home. As a result of this spike in demand, TruBlue is gearing up for widespread growth throughout the country, with the goal of expanding its presence to 200 franchise units by the end of 2023.

“As a country, we are not only experiencing a change in how and where people want to grow old, but also how much time people are spending at home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Sean Fitzgerald, TruBlue’s president. “No other company blends high-quality in-home maintenance, modifications and repair, despite the staggering demand for these services, which is why TruBlue has seen tremendous growth over the past year. We provide a service that is attractive to aging seniors and busy families alike - dispatching trusted professionals to handle everything from monthly home maintenance and safety assessments to handyman work and more specialized needs like home modifications and lawn care.” 

How TruBlue is Keeping Pace With the Fast-Growing Senior Care Industry

The baby boomer generation is rapidly hitting retirement age, and 90% of seniors say they plan to remain in their homes, as opposed to senior living facilities, for the next five to 10 years, according to the National Council on Aging

Fitzgerald says TruBlue aims to tap into this demand by providing superior in-home services for seniors through trusted, full-service maintenance and handyman work inside and outside the home. 

“Medical technology is helping people live longer, healthier lives, and as a result, the senior population is only going to continue to grow year after year,” said Fitzgerald. “More and more, seniors are looking to age in place and remain in their family home. Unfortunately, those homes are not always equipped to meet the evolving needs of seniors. That is where TruBlue comes in.”

TruBlue performs thorough safety assessments for each home before modifying the space in order to accommodate the specific needs of the senior resident, reducing the risk of falls and other health hazards. And, unlike traditional home maintenance brands, TruBlue’s assistance doesn’t stop once the modifications are done. TruBlue’s “Helping Hands Around the Home” service builds on the brand’s initial maintenance and repair service by offering ongoing, in-home help to assist seniors with small projects that might otherwise provide a challenge, such as moving furniture and changing a lightbulb. 

How TruBlue Services Busy Families

In addition to providing an essential service to seniors, Fitzgerald says TruBlue’s maintenance support is also designed to be beneficial for busy families who may not have the time for regular upkeep around the house. 

“We all know the feeling of having an endless list of chores,” said Fitzgerald. “With TruBlue, busy families can reclaim their spare time by spending less time tackling housework and more time spent with the ones they love. We employ trusted and certified professionals that provide house care services for every inch of the home and property.”

TruBlue identifies and handles small issues around the house that might lead to larger problems down the road if left unattended, such as ceiling fan and light fixture installation, drywall repair, leaky faucet and toilet repairs in addition to lawn care and landscaping services, cleaning services, commercial property cleaning and repair services, and more. 

How TruBlue’s Memberships Ensure Homeowner Safety and Satisfaction

With all of these services, TruBlue differentiates itself in the marketplace by giving customers the option of signing up for a monthly maintenance package, allowing seniors and busy families to stay on top of routine maintenance with recurring appointments. 

“Most handyman companies come in, assess the home and then make the necessary modifications, but that’s where the work stops,” said Fitzgerald. “With TruBlue’s House Care Plus, we schedule regular visits in advance to check air filters, clean, do yard work — the things that seniors can’t easily do themselves and busy families don’t have time to take care of regularly.” 

Because TruBlue recognizes that entering into a customer’s home is an intimate situation, Fitzgerald says the brand provides a network of certified, reliable professionals that families can trust in their home and TruBlue franchise owners are required to complete the Senior Home Safety Certification program through Age Safe® America. 

Now, TruBlue is continuing to partner with qualified franchisees who are interested in bringing the brand’s uniquely well-positioned and meaningful consumer offering to the communities they serve. With the goal of reaching 200 units by 2023 and with nine new franchise locations currently in development, TruBlue has identified Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville and Naples, Florida as well as Dallas and Austin, Texas as key development markets for 2021.

Start-up costs for a TruBlue Total House Care franchise range from $65,050-$91,400. To learn more about franchising with TruBlue, visit