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Why Home Maintenance Plans are the Future: TruBlue's Vision for Effortless Living

As home service brands increasingly move to subscription-based models, TruBlue is doing the same with routine maintenance by becoming the "Jiffy Lube of home maintenance."

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 07/10/24

In the era where everything from our meals to our entertainment is conveniently delivered to our doorsteps, TruBlue Home Service Ally is revolutionizing home maintenance with a similar model that promises convenience, peace of mind, cost savings and safety. The result? A recurring-revenue franchise model unlike anything else in the booming aging in place industry

"Home Maintenance services are poised to revolutionize the senior services space, currently a small yet rapidly evolving segment of our business,” TruBlue President Sean Fitzgerald said. “We've overhauled our approach to simplify management and enhance consumer understanding of essential home maintenance tasks. The challenge lies not in the willingness to maintain homes but in the knowledge of what exactly needs to be done.”

The Necessity of Routine Home Maintenance

Just as regular oil changes and tire rotations are critical to keeping a car running smoothly and preventing major issues down the line, routine home maintenance is essential to the longevity and safety of our living spaces, Fitzgerald said. 

"Our Home Ally Maintenance & Monthly Service plans are really inspired by the automotive industry's approach,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s the Jiffy Lube mentality — if you look at your car, for example, people are conditioned to get routine maintenance. Everyone knows it. You don’t drive until it breaks down. The home should be the same, but people don’t realize that. Regular maintenance can prevent many costly and frustrating issues down the line. It's important to make sure our homes stay in top condition.” 

For empty nesters and those opting to age in place, this model offers a solution to the myriad tasks that become cumbersome or challenging over time, whether it be draining the hot water heater, sealing doors, touching up paint, putting batteries in smoke directors, fixing a sink or otherwise. 

Beyond Maintenance: Safety, Comfort and Peace of Mind

Beyond simple repairs, TruBlue's home maintenance model is about creating a worry-free living environment where homeowners can feel secure and comfortable. The Home Ally Maintenance and Service packages offer annual and quarterly maintenance recommendations, along with preferred scheduling and discounts on repairs, making it easier for homeowners to be proactive and prepared for any home maintenance need.

"It's nice to know that if you have an issue or a repair you need done, you are a prepared customer," Fitzgerald said. “We believe that the maintenance model is the future, and people are conditioned for it. Not only do we maintain the home, but we also offer helping hands packages that clients can sign up for so they don’t have to worry about their to-do lists.”

Additionally, to create more value for maintenance plan holders, TruBlue leverages its comprehensive technology suite for seamless management and billing, coupled with educational resources for homeowners. 

A Boon for Business: Keeping TruBlue Thriving

The maintenance plan  model is not just a win for homeowners — it's also a strategic business move for TruBlue franchisees. This model fosters a continuous relationship with clients, allowing the company to regularly assess homes for potential issues and offer solutions before minor problems unexpectedly escalate into major — and costly — repairs. 

“The model really creates a recurring revenue stream, providing franchisees with financial stability and predictability,” Fitzgerald said. “It also opens doors to additional services and referrals, as satisfied customers are more likely to recommend TruBlue to friends and family. It's a win-win for everybody.”

According to Fitzgerald, consumers are increasingly becoming more acclimated to subscription-based service models. “It isn’t a hard sell anymore,” he said. “People are used to paying for subscription services now, which wasn’t really the case 20 years ago. Everything is a subscription today, and the customer is more willing to sign on with our maintenance  packages.”

Dan McMurtry, for example, is a TruBlue franchisee in Roanoke, Virginia. He says his strategy hinges on the implementation of the Home Alley Maintenance Plan model.

"The home is one asset that is constantly appreciating in value, but it is oftentimes one that is neglected the most," McMurtry said. “People take care of their vehicles better than their houses. We aim to change that with our Maintenance Plan service.”

The Future of Home Maintenance

Today, the importance of providing aging in place solutions has never been greater — a whopping 77% of adults over the age of 50 say they prefer to age in place. TruBlue is partnering with more franchisees and national senior service companies across the country to help spread the word about our home modification and maintenance programs and to promote each other's complimentary services.

“When talking to large organizations in the senior services industry, they are excited about the maintenance plan model because it isn’t just about home modifications. It is also about ongoing help and support,” said Fitzgerald. “Companies are really excited about how our maintenance plan model can help seniors age in place more successfully and overcome safety issues.”

Looking ahead, Fitzgerald says maintenance plan services are going to continue to be a big part of the TruBlue business model. “This type of service is really needed,” he said. “It's not like we are inventing a new category. It is just that no one has really approached it like we have on such a large scale. It is still an educational process, but once people learn about it, they really like it. We are very excited about what that means for the future of TruBlue.”

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