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Why Now is the Time to Invest With TruBlue Total House Care

As the only franchise system focused on maintenance and support for seniors both inside and outside of the home, the fast-growing brand is uniquely well-positioned to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding senior-care market.

TruBlue Total House Care, the 80-plus unit home maintenance franchise, believes that aging in place starts with a safe home, and the company offers ongoing in-home support to help seniors remain at home for as long as possible. Now, with the senior population growing and the demand for home services skyrocketing post-COVID, the brand is looking for qualified and passionate franchise partners to help spearhead growth throughout the country, aiming to more than triple its size to 225 franchise units by the end of 2025.

“As a country, we are experiencing a change in how and where people want to grow old,” said Sean FitzgeraldTruBlue’s President. “Plenty of companies have identified the growing desire from seniors to remain at home and, as a result, these companies have started offering more advanced in-home care services that address the medical needs that come with aging at home. However, almost no one offers home maintenance specifically for seniors, despite staggering demand. We’re virtually alone in this segment, and we’ve seen tremendous growth as a result.”

Why the Senior Industry?

As Baby Boomers start to hit retirement age, the senior population is growing in record-breaking numbers. But today’s seniors differ from past generations in two important ways: First, more Americans are choosing to age in place, preferring to stay in their familiar surroundings. According to the National Council on Aging, 90% of seniors say they plan to remain in their homes for the next 5–10 years. 

“Medical technology is helping people live longer, healthier lives, and as a result, the senior population is only going to continue to grow year after year,” said Fitzgerald. “As we saw with COVID, people are using their homes in much more versatile ways than they used to, and seniors are looking to age in place in the home that they’ve had for decades.” 

Second, as the senior population grows, the expense of senior and assisted living communities grows along with it. The cost of care is quickly becoming out of reach for many seniors, and staying in their homes becomes their only choice. But not all homes are well-equipped for aging in place, Fitzgerald said.

“Aging in place starts with the home,” Fitzgerald said. “The home needs to be well-maintained and set up properly. As seniors age, they can’t tackle the tasks that need to be done to keep the home safe and in shape. That is where we come in.” 

Why TruBlue Total House Care?

TruBlue performs thorough safety assessments for each home before modifying the space accordingly to make it safer and more comfortable for seniors, reducing the risk of falls and other health hazards. And while most at-home senior care services focus on light housekeeping, bathing and meal prep, TruBlue offers support both inside and outside of the home to help seniors age safely in place for longer. Whether that means changing a lightbulb, raking leaves or making large-scale adjustments to the home in order to ensure senior safety, TruBlue provides house care services that both seniors and busy families can trust. For TruBlue franchisees, this translates to a loyal and repeat customer base, as well as a robust pool of referrals. 

“There is a high demand for quality home services, and the industry is notorious for poor customer service,” Fitzgerald said. “That alone makes us stand out. Our handymen are background checked and trained to provide the best ongoing help and support for seniors living at home.” 

And ongoing is the keyword there. Because seniors require ongoing help around the house, maintenance is not simply a matter of installing a few key modifications and moving on to the next job. That’s where TruBlue’s recurring service offering, House Care Plus, provides a key differentiator from other brands in the home services industry. For TruBlue’s growing roster of franchise owners, House Care Plus offers a lucrative recurring revenue model, offering maintenance services and reminders about routine maintenance that are scheduled regularly throughout the year. 

“Most handyman companies come in, do a quick assessment of the home and then make the necessary modifications, but that’s where the work stops,” Fitzgerald explained. “With House Care Plus, we schedule regular visits in advance to check air filters, clean, do yard work — all sorts of things that seniors can’t easily do themselves.” 

TruBlue franchise owners can also tap into this demand with completely low startup costs and a simplified operational model, which requires no brick-and-mortar location. Plus, while most senior care concepts require medical accreditation or training, TruBlue is completely non-medical, which saves money, time and energy for the franchise owner. 

“We are a high-margin business that requires a very low cost of materials,” said Fitzgerald. “When you have a low cost of operations monthly, with high demand and high margins, that's a great formula for success. Every location is fully scalable — there’s no limit to the amount of in-home services a franchise owner can provide, so you don’t have to open a second location in order to grow.”

Best of all, Fitzgerald says the greatest joy of becoming a TruBlue franchise owner is the opportunity to make a difference. “This is a business with a purpose,” he said. “Our franchisees really enjoy helping people. Not too many businesses allow you to be passionate, do great work and feel really good about it. We believe with TruBlue, we are not only enhancing the lives of seniors, but we are also potentially saving lives.”

Now, as awareness around aging in place continues to increase, TruBlue is continuing to establish itself as a leader in the industry, with new national partnerships and additions to the executive team. Looking ahead, TruBlue is actively seeking new franchise owners in markets across the country and has identified Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville and Naples, Florida, as well as Dallas, Houston and Austin, Texas, as key development markets.

The total investment estimate for a TruBlue Total House Care franchise ranges from $65,050–$91,400. To learn more about franchising with TruBlue, please visit