Uber Eats Adds Dine-In Option
Uber Eats Adds Dine-In Option

The company is quietly testing out a new feature on the app that will give users the option to eat their food in the restaurant.

Uber Eats is continuing to change the third-party delivery game with a new dine-in option. According to an article on Restaurant Dive, the new feature will let customers place an order through the app and pick it up either for carryout or dine-in. 

"We're always thinking about new ways to enhance the Eats experience," an Uber representative told Business Insider. Dine-in options can save time for the customers by letting them pay ahead of time, a feature that has been included on apps from chains such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Starbucks. 

As delivery and ordering ahead via mobile apps is increasingly expected, restaurants and delivery services are battling for dominance in the convenience category. While this Uber Eats update may pose a threat to restaurant apps, it also has the potential to drive foot traffic into the actual locations. 

The dine-in feature will waive delivery and service fees, allowing restaurants to receive 100% of the tip customers are willing to pay through the app. While deliveries can sometimes take up to 40 minutes, Uber Eats is hoping to offer a faster solution with the dine-in option.

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