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Inside United Water Restoration Group's 2024 Franchise Conference

The disaster recovery and restoration franchise’s recent conference in Palm Springs honored top-performers and served as a platform for sharing best practices.

United Water Restoration Group (UWRG), a prominent name in disaster recovery and restoration services, recently concluded its 2024 Franchise Conference, encapsulating a theme of “People, Performance, Profits: The Ripple Effect.” Held in the picturesque Palm Springs, the event drew participants from across the nation, including founders, franchisees and employees, providing a rare opportunity for the UWRG family to unite and share insights.

“Our franchisees are spread all over the country, so the opportunity to get everybody together and spend some quality time and share best practices is a wonderful opportunity,” said Bob Moore, president of UWRG. “It's great to spend our time together with the UWRG family.”

A Night of Recognition

In addition to expert speakers and group events, the conference featured an eagerly anticipated Awards Night, where standout franchisees were honored for their exceptional contributions and achievements over the past year. 

"Awards Night is always the highlight of the conference for me — it is an opportunity to recognize top-performers who poured their hearts and souls into their teams and companies, and it's a blessing to be able to help them celebrate their wins," Moore said.

2024 Award Winners:

  • Royal Flush Award: Recognized for obtaining significant invoiced revenue from plumber referrals. Winners include UWRG locations in Austin, San Antonio, Beaverton, Fairfax, Long Island, McDonough, Reisterstown, Toronto and Pinellas.
  • Five Star Award: Celebrated for receiving the most 5-star Google Reviews in 2023. Awarded to UWRG Charlotte.
  • Cal Ripken Award: Given to honor those who reported consistent revenue throughout the year. Winners include UWRG locations in Atlanta North, Austin, San Antonio and Toronto.
  • RoadRunner Award: Acknowledged the fastest growth in invoiced revenue in the initial six months. Awarded to UWRG Arlington.
  • Million and Multi-Million Club Awards: Celebrated significant revenue milestones, with UWRG Toronto, The Woodlands, and Beaverton reaching the One Million Club, Two Million Club and Three Million Club, respectively.
  • UWRG Spark Award: Recognized the largest increase in invoiced revenue year-over-year. Awarded to UWRG Laurel.
  • UWRG Inspire Award: Given to UWRG Beaverton for setting a high standard through exceptional measures.

Expanding To Meet Growing Demand

The conference also highlighted UWRG's strategic growth, responding to the rising demand for restoration services amid increasing natural disasters. So far this year, UWRG has expanded with five new locations across the United States, including Florida, California, Minnesota, North Carolina and Alabama.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new franchisees, many of whom come from strong backgrounds in construction and remodeling and see the value in what we provide,” Moore said. “Investing ahead of growth allows us to provide unparalleled support to our franchisees, ensuring we all succeed together.”

As UWRG aims to surpass 50 franchise partners this year, the annual Franchise Conference not only celebrated the past year's successes, but also set the stage for future expansion.

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