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Why United Water Restoration Group's Vice President Just Became a Franchisee Herself

As UWRG continues to grow and evolve, Chrissy Gregory's new franchise territory will play a pivotal role in testing and refining programs and operations, ensuring the success of franchisees across the system.

United Water Restoration Group (UWRG), the restoration franchise, is embarking on a new and exciting chapter as Chrissy Gregory, vice president of franchise operations, invests in her own franchise territory. This unique endeavor will see Gregory's location become the testing ground for new programs and operational strategies, strengthening the franchise's support system and enhancing its overall growth.

Growing up, Gregory was no stranger to the services industry. “When I was a young kid, my father owned his own plumbing business — I grew up around that blue-collar workforce,” she said. “It put food on our table. I was also doing work for my father. That was the life that I knew.” 

Eventually, Gregory’s childhood dream of becoming the first female NFL commissioner gave way to a career in the service sector, she says, starting with Sears and later transitioning to Roto-Rooter, where she gained significant experience in both plumbing and restoration.

When the opportunity to join UWRG came in May 2020, Gregory loved the idea of collaborating closely with franchise owners and developing training processes, policies and procedures. Her journey from franchise business coach to director and eventually to vice president of the company reflects her dedication and expertise. “Now, my role is about the forecast of the company,” she said. “What are we looking to do in the future and how can we get there?”

This year, the opportunity to invest in her own franchise territory rekindled Gregory's life-long entrepreneurial spirit. “I’ve always wanted to own my own business,” she said. “I was completely prepared for the founders to say ‘no,’ but instead, they said I could maintain my VP role and be my own owner at the same time. I had confidence in myself that I could do both.”

For Gregory, this new venture provides a chance to bridge the gap between corporate leadership and field operations. “I was working with all these franchisees on a regular basis, and as I continued to do so, I got pulled further and further away from the field,” she said. “The longer I’m out of the field, there is a gap in my knowledge. But now I can really be in the field myself. I’m not just sitting behind a desk. That was a big reason why I signed on to open my own location — I’ll have an inside look at the day-to-day life of franchisees. There are no more excuses on either side. We will have access to see what is happening and give more support to our franchisees.”

This move not only fulfills a personal dream for Gregory but also demonstrates her commitment to the UWRG franchise model. “This has been a dream of mine for a very long time,” she said. “I felt like I needed to prove to myself that I could do this. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. I didn’t want to be a teacher — I wanted to be a doer.”

Overall, Gregory believes UWRG stands out from its competitors due to its in-depth understanding of the franchise ownership model and the detailed resources it provides to franchisees. 

“We have within our process an unbelievable amount of detail and resources that an owner can utilize, but we don’t strangle them with red tape,” she said. “That allows them the ability to stay in business for themselves and do it the way they want to.”

Looking ahead, Gregory's goal is to create stability for her own family while also contributing to the success of the franchise at large. Ultimately, Gregory's investment in her own franchise territory serves as a powerful endorsement of UWRG's support and partnership approach.

“From the outside looking in: What a better stamp of approval than the VP deciding to invest in a franchise herself? It is a testament to the support we offer our franchisees,” Gregory said. “It's not all about the franchisor telling franchisees what to do — it's a true partnership.”

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