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USA Insulation Appoints Suave Brachowski as Brand President

With three decades in franchising and a decade with the concept, Brachowski is stepping into the leadership role under the Threshold Brands umbrella, excited to bring high-quality insulation services to families nationwide.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 3:15PM 11/07/22

Suave Brachowski originally entered the franchising space when he was still in college. He began working at a McDonald’s restaurant, making connections and ultimately working with the McDonald’s corporate team for nine years. 

“I never had any intentions of being in the franchising world. However, I quickly realized it is an amazing business model,” he said. “I have an enormous amount of respect and appreciation for entrepreneurs who choose to join a franchise system as a franchise business owner considering that they gain commitment from their families, often leave their job and invest in starting the business, all to join a brand they believe in. Franchising has so many advantages to working together; individuals become part of a group of franchise owners who share their knowledge with one another, receive support from a dedicated franchise support center and join a brand that has been thoughtfully cultivated to have an impact in the community.”

Through the years, Brachowski graduated college and consulted with franchisors as they implemented business processes and systems. Throughout his franchising career, he held key leadership roles and served as Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Operations, and a number of Director positions at various franchise concepts. 

“I have been very fortunate to work with so many different franchise companies, talented support staff and dedicated franchise owners. I have learned so much from all of them,” he said.

In 2009, Brachowski, who was a partner of a franchise concept at the time, met Patrick Pitrone, the founder and former President of USA Insulation. By 2011, Brachowski joined USA Insulation and served as the Director of Operations. In addition, he was a managing partner of a sales training company, which focused exclusively on working with franchise companies.

Now, as Brand President of USA Insulation, Brachowski and his team are passionate about supporting their franchise network while bringing USA Insulation to more communities across the country. 

“For both franchisees and customers, USA Insulation offers something unique thanks to its close-knit company culture and commitment to quality service,” he explained. 

In order to continue to maintain the high standards that the brand is known for, Brachowski says one of his top priorities is to maintain the strong foundation and traditions Pitrone and the team have built over the years. “One of our core values is that We Grow Together. With this in mind, we work closely with our franchise owners to ensure we can deliver a positive experience for the homeowner. When the customer is happy, everyone wins.”

“It’s really important to make sure our brand stands for the right thing,” Brachowski said. “One of the most powerful experiences I remember happened some years ago. It was during winter, and a customer came out of her house to speak with the crew. We had not even finished installing our proprietary foam insulation, and she was in tears, just so happy with the difference she was already feeling in her home.”

Additionally, to provide the customer with a great experience, USA Insulation focuses on working with the homeowner to understand what comfort issues they have been frustrated with and identify the best solutions to help them improve their quality of life. 

“We had a retired couple who wanted to get insulation because many of their rooms were different temperatures, and their grandkids didn’t want to stay in the spare bedroom during the winter — it was too cold,” he explained. “After we insulated their home, they got to see their grandkids on the weekends. That’s such a great feeling when you know you helped a family enjoy their home.”

Franchisees’ ability to provide these positive experiences to customers stems from the strong training and support systems available through USA Insulation and their parent company, Threshold Brands. 

With 17 franchise support center staff and a count of 38 current business owners, the support-to-owner ratio is both impressive and beneficial for all stakeholders. Franchise owners have access to brand and industry experts with a vast range of experience in franchising, and this guidance is what supports them in providing the absolute best customer experience.

Looking forward, Brachowski says he is excited to continue to work closely together with existing franchise owners along with the Franchise Support Center Team to ensure they have the tools needed to maximize the opportunities ahead.

“We are very much ahead of our time in terms of the things that we have for a franchise company of our size. However, we are never satisfied, and we keep working on developing and providing more resources for our franchise locations,” he explained. 

Brachowski described franchising as a partnership — a sort of “commercial marriage.” Through this lens, he understands his primary responsibility is to support the franchise owners. From here, each franchisee has the drive and passion to grow, expand and ultimately improve their lives and those of their families.

“Our mission is to continue to be the best partner for our franchise owners and deliver the support and resources they need to grow their businesses,” he said. “I believe our owners know that we have their best interest in mind… that we genuinely care and want to see them thrive. Joining USA Insulation is truly the doorway to a better life.”

The startup costs to open a USA Insulation franchise range from $271,000 to $399,500, including a $55,000 franchise fee. For more information, visit