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Valued at Over $500 Billion, the Home Services Market Continues to Soar; Threshold Brands Leverages the Continuing Momentum for Further Growth and Development

The multi-brand home services franchisor felt the effects of a booming home services market early in the pandemic, and that swell is still going strong. Looking forward, it intends to continue leveraging the buzz for further franchise growth.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 7:07AM 08/25/22

The now-$500 billion home services industry took off in the midst of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders as more and more homeowners began to realize the value of not just being okay with, but loving and truly feeling comfortable in their space. With 124 million homes in the nation requiring, on average, over four service tasks per year each, the industry will only continue to climb.

Threshold Brands, a multi-brand home services franchisor, has taken advantage of the demand in recent years. According to its Chief Growth Officer, Threshold Brands intends to continue growing its presence nationwide while beefing up its profile of franchises.

“I’m jazzed about two things. The first is knowing how many open territories are available across the U.S. — all of the territories that are available and the opportunity to bring in more entrepreneurs and help those entrepreneurs achieve the dream of business ownership,” explained R. Scott Sutton, chief growth officer at Threshold Brands. “The second piece is continuing to build out the world-class portfolio of brands.”

Threshold Brands is the 500-unit franchisor behind nationally recognized home service franchises including MaidProPestmaster ServicesPatio PatrolUSA InsulationSir GroutHeating + Air ParamedicsMen In KiltsPlumbing Paramedics and Granite Garage Floors.

The multi-brand franchisor has seen strong successes in recent years, both as a whole and within each individual franchise brand. Now, as the home services industry continues to boom, showing no signs of slowing down, it is a great time for Threshold Brands to continue its growth.

Just the start of 2022 has brought some exciting things to Threshold Brands, including multiple awards, year-over-year revenue improvements and additions to the team.

Sutton added that the leadership team and entire staff has done a great job of coming together, sharing ideas and respectfully pushing back as Threshold Brands focuses its attention on becoming the absolute best it can.

“We’re asking people to do things differently, to think about things in a different way, to look at the business as a portfolio of brands and, as Threshold Brands, to be able to bring to bear more opportunity for more people in more markets,” Sutton explained. “I’m proud of the way the team has come together and said, ‘We understand the vision and we understand the values — we believe in it. Let’s roll our sleeves up and go make this happen.’”

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