Wendy's Could Be Joining the Plant-Based Burger Game
Wendy's Could Be Joining the Plant-Based Burger Game

The quick-service restaurant chain famous for chocolate frosties and Twitter clapbacks will be doing things the ‘Wendy’s Way.’

While some restaurants are holding strong against the plant-based movement, or even boldly coming out against it, many, many more quick service restaurants like Burger King, Tim Hortons and Subway are jumping on the bandwagon every day. Across the board, restaurants have found that plant-based meats appeal not only to vegetarians and vegans but a new category of diner—”flexitarians”, or people who choose to eat meat products in moderation. 

Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor proposed in a statement reported by QSR Magazine that Wendy’s is very much open to the concept, but is looking to create “something that’s unique to Wendy’s.” Penegor continued by saying the brand is looking for “something that’s not overly complex in our restaurants, but something that really hits for the consumer with the appropriate nutritional profile and something the consumers are delighted with, but our operators are equally happy with.”

Wendy’s is infamous for its social media presence and there’s no doubt that vocal fans of plant-based proteins on Twitter have had some contribution to turning the tides. After all, in a heroic act of community engagement spearheaded by Chance the Rapper, they did get the brand to bring back spicy chicken nuggets

What the Wendy’s plant-based burger looks like is yet to be seen, but here’s hoping you can get it on the 4 for $4.
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