What if We are Already Living in Heaven?
What if We are Already Living in Heaven?

If we start appreciating every moment and act like this is our Heaven right now, there's a good chance our approach to every day decisions would drastically improve.

What if we are living in Heaven right now? What if this is the card we have been dealt and it is up to us to live life to the fullest while here on Earth? If you knew this was your Heaven—that life right now was your Heaven—would that change your approach to everyday life? Would it lead you to make changes and fight more to find what = happiness?

I have been thinking a lot about this—because, frankly, I really want to live the best life I possibly can. Why? Because we don’t know what is next. None of us do. None of us know if there is a God or what God looks like. Some of us believe God hates Christians. Some of us believe God loves all. Some of us believe that God hates homosexuals. Some of us believe there is a God. Some of us don’t believe in a God at all. The only truth to all of the above statements is that because of the variance in belief, we don’t know for 100 percent if our version is correct.
This goes for me, too.
In my logical mind, I can’t know for certain that my spirituality is the only version, especially since there are 3,000-plus different types of beliefs in God (who is right?). I also can’t control whether mine is the right way. What I can control is my own thoughts, words and actions. What I can control is the way I live every privileged moment in this world.
Perhaps this life is Heaven.
Perhaps every breath is Heaven.
It makes you stop and think for a second, right?
I have been thinking about this—because if I knew Heaven was here, the now, the present, then I would make sure I stop to smell a ton of roses. I would feel proud to pinch myself every time I think about the family I have, the career I have, the love I have and the life I have.
If we start with appreciating the moment and acting like this is our Heaven, and even our Hell, then our approach to every day decisions could potentially improve. If this is our Heaven, from my understanding of its perception, then difference of opinions doesn’t matter—it’s simply the way our brains work on an individual basis.
While we are born into this world with parents, we are really born into this world with an independent soul – not lonely, independent. We are our own persons. We are our own souls.
In my soul, at this moment, I think this is my Heaven. Seeing my kids smile and giggle uncontrollably is my Heaven. Hearing “I love you” from my wife is my Heaven. Hearing from my parents that they are proud of me is my Heaven. Hearing clients are happy or appreciative is my Heaven. Hearing that my team at No Limit Agency is happy makes me feel the same way, too. 
Say this isn’t our Heaven. When you get to Heaven, do you immediately appreciate each moment? Whether that’s a Heaven full of calorie-free pizza or perfect abs created by simply breathing, do you still take those moments for granted? Do you still have fear of the unknown? Are you instantly a perfect person?
Why wait until Heaven? Why not start your = happiness today? What if you begin with a happy second, right now, right this second, and commit to loving every bit of this life? What if this is your Heaven? What if this is your chance?
Let’s say there is another Heaven. Let’s say some of you have been there. If I live every moment like I’m in Heaven now, then I will have no problem being let in at those pearly gates when that moment happens.