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Where Are The Franchise Lawyers?

Where should a franchisor start when looking for the right franchise attorney for their brand?

As a guide to help franchisors begin their search for a franchise attorney, 1851 Franchise decided to provide its own due diligence to find great franchise attorneys.

We began by searching on Google for the term, “franchise lawyer.” This presented back several ads, which can be spotted with the “Ad” tag at the top of a search. These included some law firms, as well as some lead portals. comes up near the top, however, that site localizes the attorney list rather than helping you, the researcher, get to a conclusion.

We then searched for “best franchise lawyers.” This returned a bulleted list of best franchise law firms according to But truthfully, we did not see any who made our list as top franchise lawyers (and we know the field). There was one return to the search that was valuable. It was a link to a PDF of Franchise Times’ Legal Eagles from 2019 — a solid, credible resource.

The point is, the search is tough. To find franchise lawyers who can be a fit to your franchise, our best advice is to: