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Why a Mother and Educator is Bringing the First Sylvan Franchise to Her Community

Sangeetha Kondaveeti is striving to provide her community with the best possible supplemental education option for local families.

After earning her MBA in human resources management in 2001, Sangeetha Kondaveeti and her husband moved from India to the United States to begin their careers. In 2009, the couple moved to Chester Springs, Pennsylvania with their two children. When their son was in elementary school, Kondaveeti explored tutoring options for him and was unable to find any in the area that matched her expectations. During her search she discovered Sylvan Learning* and was impressed by the reviews and feedback from her friends who previously worked with the tutoring company. Though there were none in the area, Kondaveeti decided Sylvan Learning would be the best fit for her son

Kondaveeti has always loved working with children. She worked in a local preschool before  deciding she wanted to make an even bigger difference in the community. Her passion for education brought her back to the idea of opening Sylvan Learning and bringing the best supplemental education to children in her neighborhood. She loved her experience with the company and knew Sylvan would be a top choice for parents who cared deeply about the education of their children and the success of their future.

Kondaveeti will be opening Sylvan Learning of Exton this fall.

1851 Franchise: Why did you choose to go into franchising with Sylvan Learning?

Sangeetha Kondaveeti: While I was working at a local preschool I knew I wanted to continue working in the education field. As I thought about my options and how I could be a part of the children’s journey to a successful life, tutoring services was the first thing that came to my mind. After meeting the Sylvan team, I learned about their approach and programs and decided to bring the best in the industry to our area. 

1851: What value do you see your business providing to Exton?

Kondaveeti: This region has some of the best schools in the state. The people and parents here care a lot about the education of their children and strive to make them more confident and successful in life. These remarkable people are always looking for good tutoring opportunities  for their children who may need extra help with enrichment and academics. 

I am positive Sylvan will prove to be the best option for families in the area.

1851: What does the hiring landscape look like in your area?

Kondaveeti: With several great schools and universities in the Philadelphia region, there is great talent that we can tap into when it comes to finding the right teaching staff. We are  confident in our ability to hire talented, passionate educators to teach online and at the center who will meet the needs of the children and their parents. 

1851: Do you have any plans for growth with Sylvan Learning?

Kondaveeti: Absolutely, but our first objective is to see the success of  Sylvan Learning in Exton and see results the parents are looking to see in their children. Once we see those successes we want to open more centers in nearby regions and provide them with the same Sylvan advantage. 

1851: Do you provide any interesting services, work with any other local businesses, charitable organizations, or prominent individuals in the community?

Kondaveeti: Yes, of course. Community connections are key to real education and transformation. Once we open the center in Exton we want to partner with local business and charitable organizations to nurture the community with Sylvan’s programs and ways of learning.

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