Why I Became a Franchisee: Experienced Multi-Unit, Multi-Brand Franchisee Opens In-Home Care Franchise to Give Back to His Hometown
Why I Became a Franchisee: Experienced Multi-Unit, Multi-Brand Franchisee Opens In-Home Care Franchise to Give Back to His Hometown

With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Barry Maring is bringing his love for franchising back home.

Barry Maring is no stranger to franchising. He gravitated toward it for a variety of reasons in the 1990s when he first opened The Spaghetti Shop, a quick service Italian restaurant. After two and a half decades in the industry, including the opening and selling of multiple Subway and TCBY locations, being a franchisee with Pizzeria Uno Chicago Bar and Grill, and a Master Developer and franchisee with Taco Del Mar, Maring is moving from the restaurant industry to in-home care to give back to his community in his hometown of Fargo, North Dakota.

“Joining a franchise system felt like a great way to get into business for myself because others had already figured out how to do things, and I was able to access that franchisor and system’s knowledge while getting a brand name, logo, and nationally recognized brand,” Maring said.

Understanding how franchisors set entrepreneurs up for success if they follow the processes and systems, and having been a multi-unit operator of multiple brands, Maring was looking for something more community-driven in his most recent business venture.

After having spent some time in Phoenix, Maring wanted to move back to his hometown and noticed a need for senior care in the area. As a seasoned businessman, Maring saw a demand for the service, which lacked providers, so he figured he could market himself as a senior care expert throughout the area while also being able to have a significant impact on the elderly and disabled.

“This time around, I wanted to do something different, something more meaningful,” Maring said. “Right at Home’s national presence was really important to me. The founder preached a hands-on approach that I believed in, and on top of that, I appreciated the professionalism of the corporate staff I was working with. I can see the home care industry becoming more top of mind, just like where Subway was twenty years ago.”

Maring has been in franchising for most of his adult life, originally drawn to the industry because his father had developed franchised hotels. He mentions many benefits of opening a franchise, including operational guidelines and a support team, and one of the major benefits is that banks are more willing to take a chance on franchisees.

“Financing a franchise can be easier when you have a household name and a proven system that you’re looking to develop,” Maring said. “After years of opening franchises, I think there is huge upside getting into the home care industry. It makes sense in so many ways, and you don’t have to start from scratch.”