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Why Restaurant Managers Need to Be Setting an Example

The Link Between Leadership And Motivation

As a manager, setting an example is an important part of your role because you have a very real impact on the people around you. From customers, to employees, to anyone you interact with in the business, your leadership and motivation will influence others.

When you’re managing, you have a team that counts on you; they expect you to guide them and provide the necessary support to ensure that they can be successful. Not only that, your team relies on your leadership for organization and a sense of purpose. You create the environment by setting an example with your actions and attitude.

Beyond that, a manager’s role is also to provide development opportunities for the staff. This means giving employees the resources they need to improve themselves and advance in their careers.

Leadership and motivation go hand-in-hand. A good manager is able to lead effectively while creating a positive atmosphere in which employees feel good about their role within the restaurant. When you embrace the full responsibility of your position and use it to help those around you, your whole team will benefit.

But the impact of a manager doesn’t end with the staff. The environment that you help create in the restaurant will ultimately be experienced by the customers. Think about it: when your staff members are feeling good about what they’re doing, those good feelings will be passed on to customers who are being served.

Don’t ignore the importance of leadership and motivation. By setting an example and by exploring all of the ways in which you can help those around you, your influence will be felt and it will bring about improvements for everyone.

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