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Why This MaidPro Franchisee Invested in Heating + Air Paramedics, Looks To Expand Further With Threshold Brands in the Future

After a positive experience as a MaidPro franchise owner, Eric Hickey became interested in Heating + Air Paramedics. Now, as he looks to the future, he says he’s interested in filling out his profile with even more Threshold Brands concepts.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 4:16PM 10/10/22

After working as a photographer and psychiatric crisis counselor, Eric Hickey found an interest in franchising. When he struggled to find an adequate home cleaning service, he started looking into opening one himself. He opened a MaidPro business in; years later, when Heating + Air Paramedics joined the Threshold Brands family, Hickey chose to expand his investment.

“I knew how the franchise was run, how they treated their franchisees — which was excellent. They provide great support,” Hickey explained. “Plus, after researching more into Heating + Air Paramedics and getting to know the owner of the franchise, I just knew it was the right fit.”

Because he just recently purchased his first Heating + Air Paramedics business, Hickey says his primary goal is to integrate the operations of that business with those of his existing office. However, he is already looking toward the future, planning to establish additional offices and potentially branch out to Heating + Air Paramedics’ sister company, Plumbing Paramedics.

Heating + Air Paramedics was founded by Ryan Carpenter, who is still involved in the business today. Carpenter saw a disconnect between heating and air professionals and their clients, and he worked to close that gap. With Heating + Air Paramedics, customers are valued and treated as such, and technicians and owners are committed to providing high-quality, personable service.

This mission aligns well with Hickey’s personal entrepreneurial motivations as well. When he originally brought MaidPro to his community, he did so to provide a level of service that would benefit both himself and others within the community. With Heating + Air Paramedics, he can do the same, delivering the standard of service that he would want from a company doing work in his own home.

The total initial investment to open a Heating + Air Paramedics is between $105,240 and $205,800 and includes a $40,000 fee that must be paid to the franchisor. For more information about Heating + Air Paramedics, visit