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Wild Birds Unlimited Celebrates National Peanut Day

How the specialty retailer plans to enlighten and engage backyard bird feeders and birdwatchers about their feathered friends’ favorite snack they may not have known about

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
SPONSORED 9:21PM 08/29/18

Did you know peanuts aren’t technically nuts because they don’t grow on trees? If they did, birds of all kinds would be grateful because peanuts are one of highest-calorie foods they can find, providing them high sources of energy they are constantly seeking. On September 13, Wild Birds Unlimited plans to spend National Peanut Day celebrating the food’s many benefits for birds.

Both shelled and in-shell peanuts are a high-fat, high-nutrition food packed with protein (8 grams per ounce) and high in antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin E, magnesium, B6, iron, and more. This makes them excellent for birds as well as birdwatchers because the offering leads to increased variety and activity in feeder patrons. Peanuts mimic the acorns and pine nuts that birds find in the wild and attract birds such as woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, jays and more.

“A lot of people don’t realize birds eat peanuts, especially in-shell,” said Wild Birds Unlimited franchisee Barb Whipkey. Whipkey’s Lexington Park, Maryland location will celebrate National Peanut Day for the second straight year with a host of fun, educational activities for store patrons throughout the day.

To promote knowledge and appreciation, her Wild Birds Unlimited store will engage customers in different activities to celebrate the day. She plans to bring back last year’s exciting game of ‘Find A Peanut,’ where patrons scour the store for hidden in-shell peanuts that offer various discounts, free items and other prizes. “Plus,” Whipkey said, “Find A Peanut is an extra incentive that brings in those more casual customers who may not have decided to come in otherwise due to the chance for a discount.”

Further National Peanut Day promotions at Whipkey’s store include free peanut butter cookies and a special appearance from store mascot JayJay, a clever blue jay who is a serious peanut lover thanks to the food’s high lipid concentration that provides him with ample energy between meals. Additionally, Whipkey plans to fill one of the brand’s private label peanut feeders with peanuts and have people guess how many they think are inside. The customer with the closest guess will take home the feeder as a prize.

Peanuts have been a popular food for birds in the United Kingdom for decades, but were not widely used in North America until the 1990s. Wild Birds Unlimited is using National Peanut Day as an opportunity to provide people who feed and watch the birds with the information and tools they need to supply their feathered friends with their favorite snack.

“National Peanut Day is a great opportunity to educate people on the benefits of peanuts for birds in addition to sharing our passion for the hobby,” Wild Birds Unlimited advertising & PR manager Margaret Collins said. “We are always seizing the opportunity to have fun.”
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