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Wilderness Enthusiasts Find Joy as Wild Birds Unlimited Franchisees

Casey and Tyson Farmer’s Montgomery, AL location has become a family-friendly community of bird enthusiast.

By Colleen Quaid1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 9:09AM 05/10/18

Purchasing a franchise is no small feat, but when you find your passion and have the opportunity to turn it into a career, you must jump at the chance. That’s exactly what happened to Casey and Tyson Farmer. Former wilderness therapy experts in Northwest Georgia turned their passion into a career with Wild Birds Unlimited.

“I started bird watching really young with family friends. We would watch birds and play in the woods, but as we got older, we got more and more into the hobby. We stuck with it through high school and I ended up going to Purdue University and getting a degree in Wildlife Biology with a focus on Ornithology,” shared Tyson.

Casey also worked in wilderness therapy but eventually found herself working in political polling. The couple stayed close to bird watching and bird feeding and often found themselves stopping by their local Wild Birds Unlimited for holiday gifts for family and friends. Eventually, they knew it was time to make a career change and when Tyson began to look into franchising, Wild Birds Unlimited seemed to be the obvious choice.

“I had an idea of Wild Birds Unlimited products and a general understanding of what the company was all about. When I decided to look into franchises it’s really the only one I would’ve been comfortable going with. We didn’t necessarily have the business background but we were pretty comfortable with the subject matter so it seemed like a good fit and something that we could manage.”

As soon as the couple signed, they knew they made the right decision.

“Once you get started in the process the support and energy that everyone has at the franchise is evident. Each step of the process, from the first phone call, to finding a location, there was an awesome amount of support and really enthusiastic people from top to bottom,” Tyson shared. “Everyone had a confidence in us and confidence in the system and we could really feel that right from the start.”

Tyson and Casey are now on the path to creating their own bird watching hobbyist community at their Montgomery, AL location. With the support of Wild Birds Unlimited corporate team, they have created a welcoming environment for families and bird watchers.

Casey shared, “Wild Birds Unlimited really emphasized being the local experts in the community and getting out in the community. They encourage us to do what’s right for us. We have two young boys so we like to do a lot of family-focused events. It was nice there was set of standards and best practices but we were also encouraged to get into the community in a way it fits our lifestyle and location.”

Tyson is proud to introduce hobbyist new and old to Wild Birds Unlimited and educate them on the high-quality products the brand offers. “For me, it’s a quality product. A lot of the items have great warranties and you know that when people buy from us, they’re going to be happy with the product and its function. I love that Wild Birds Unlimited won’t just offer something that just sells well, all products also benefit the birds and the people that are enjoying the hobby.”

Their passion is evident and the Montgomery community has embraced bird feeding hobby more than ever before—and for Tyson, that’s what it’s all about. “Building a community and watching it grow has been exciting. Lots of people seem to be interested in backyard bird feeding and bird watching and we can already feel the buzz. People come into our store to share stories of what they see in their backyard, or while they travel, it’s really great to see the enthusiasm.

Casey continued, “People seem generally excited to come into the store and as an owner, it’s great to see. We spend most of our days talking with customers and sharing stories. It’s such a nice environment and an overall friendly atmosphere.”

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