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WSJ Tracks “Who’s Hiring and Who’s Firing”

Not every business is laying off staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a heavy toll on the world economy, some businesses are faring better than others. While most industries are experiencing record-high layoffs, some companies have managed to avoid staff reductions and are even hiring. 

The Wall Street Journal is tracking the world’s largest companies with an eye on who’s hiring, who’s firing, who’s adding or cutting benefits and who’s paying idle workers.

The list may be encouraging for readers who had assumed businesses were making cuts across the board. Companies as diverse as CVS, FedEx and Qualcomm are all currently hiring new employees. 

Two of the franchise brands represented on the list, Yum! Brands and Dollar General, are also hiring.

Apache, Boeing, Disney, Gap, General Electric, Marriott and Under Armour are all among the brands currently cutting work/workers.

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