YouTube Launches Vertical Video Ads
YouTube Launches Vertical Video Ads

With more than 70% of watch time happening on mobile devices, YouTube aims to better connect advertisers with viewers

In an effort to retain advertisers as more and more social media sites launch competing platforms, YouTube is taking steps to allow brands the chance to provide “a more seamless mobile experience" for viewers by rolling out vertical video ads that fill a user’s screen in its mobile app.

An article in The Drum reported the announcement at Dmexco (Digital Marketing Expo and Conference) 2018, noting YouTube also unveiled plans to sell advertisers video ads based on a user’s personalized feed.

Several brands have tested the new creative format that redirects to an external link when viewers tap on the video ad, including Hyundai, who reported a 33% uplift in brand awareness and a 12% rise in purchase consideration as a result of its trial campaign.

"As more video gets shot vertically, we want to take advantage of the full canvas and not just have it rammed into the horizontal with black bars on the side," said YouTube chief product officer Neal Mahon.

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