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TechCrunch: Facebook & Google Dominate the List of 2016’s Top Apps
Mobile applications from the two companies made up a majority of the year’s top apps in 2016 list from Nielsen.

Nielsen released its list of the top smartphone apps of 2016 and two companies stood above the rest. According to a recent TechCrunch article, Facebook and Google dominated the list both having multiple apps in the top ten chart.

Facebook held up the top spot seeing a 14 percent increase in growth over last year and ending with 146 million average unique users. Facebook also recorded spots in the top ten for Messenger and Instagram coming in at No. 2 and No. 8 respectively.

While Facebook had the top spot, Google had the most spots in the top ten. YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play and Gmail all made it on the list for 2016.

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