10 Franchises You Can Operate From Home
10 Franchises You Can Operate From Home

From pest removal to personal training, these franchise brands provide the convenience of an in-home office.

For many potential entrepreneurs, franchising offers an amazing opportunity to fulfill one’s dream of business ownership. But franchising can be a huge financial commitment.

Even behind the support and guidance of an established brand with a supportive corporate structure, often times the cost of franchise fees, operational expenses, and rental or building payments can be a bit overwhelming.

But what if you could eliminate some of those costs by running your business from the comfort of your own home?

Many home-based brands provide franchisees the opportunity to own a business without the financial responsibility that comes with a brick and mortar space. These concepts offer more than just an opportunity to work in your pajamas; they often have lower franchise fees and a mobile component that creates a low cost business model along with potential for rapid growth.

Here are 10 franchise brands that you can operate from your home that offer the best value:

Franchise fees: $20,000
Total Investment: $59,900-$116,800
Mosquito Joe allows franchisees to not only run a business from their home, but also to work seasonally. This residential and commercial mosquito protection service falls within a rapidly growing pest control industry. Certified technicians spray a barrier of EPA-regulated product around your home and yard to keep it mosquito, flea and tick free for three weeks. With the threat of mosquito-borne illnesses ever-growing, the demand for Mosquito Joe’s product is growing as well, making it a solid, yet relatively low cost franchise opportunity.

Franchise fees: $35,000
Total Investment: $68,200-$166,700
With the booming fitness and nutrition industry, and American’s trend towards having everything under the sun now delivered right to their front door, GYMGUYZ has managed to capitalize on this dichotomy with their brand. GYMGUYZ is a mobile gym and in-home personal training service. No longer will customers have to endure bacteria-ridden locker rooms and judgmental stares from amateur bodybuilders—GYMGUYZ brings your personalized workout equipment and trainer right to your front door. They offer a variety of personal training services which can be tailored to any client in the comfort of their own home. The equipment is an investment, but the operations can be home based, and the concept’s growth indicates a great investment in the long term.

Franchise fees: $2,500-$44,000
Total Investment: $3,900-$51,600
While a commercial cleaning service may not sound like the most exciting franchise to purchase, you may think differently after learning about Jan-Pro’s low startup cost and lucrative concept. This work is not seasonal and the industry is essentially recession-proof. There will always be commercial spaces—think offices, government buildings, schools and community centers—that need cleaning up long after employees and patrons go home. The company operates in a master franchisee system: a master franchisee purchases a large territory and then sells smaller ones within it to “unit owners.” The master franchisees provide a sort of regional support from an office space, while unit owners have the opportunity for a low cost business run right from home.

Franchise fees: $49,500
Total Investment: $59,300-$70,300
Assisted Living Locators acts as an eHarmony of sorts between seniors, their loved ones and assisted living facilities. With baby boomers entering their twilight years, the company is flourishing with an ever-expanding customer base. Assisted Living Locators’ franchisees are certified experts who help to alleviate stress from seniors’ families in times of need by pairing them with an assisted living facility that meets their medical, emotional and environmental needs. Even though this service is a hot commodity, it’s actually free to customers while the living facilities pay a fee to the franchisee.

Franchise fees: $3,600-$43,800
Total Investment: $4,700-$48,800
Like Jan-Pro, Maid Right is a franchise cleaning service which uses the master franchisee model. Maid Right deals in residential cleaning, providing another much-needed service. Maid Right provides franchisees proven procedures, customer service support and the technology needed so they can focus on the service. The brand even boasts a custom EnviroShield product—a trademarked disinfecting process that promises to eliminate 99% of bacteria and viruses around your home.

Franchise fees: $495-$10,495
Total Investment: $2,100-$22,700
Cruise Planners does just what the name says. But they do more than plan cruise vacations; Cruise Planners designs a packaged vacation with land tours, outings, flights and group outings that save customers money. Franchisees are paid to dream up voyages full of fun activities such as ziplining tours and hula lessons. The company is a licensed and insured travel agency with sterling customer reviews. The low franchise fees and rock bottom operational costs make this a perfect fit for a sales-savvy franchisee.

Franchise fees: $7,200-$45,000
Total Investment: $48,200-$2,200,000
Unishippers’ model has changed through its 28 years, but the concept has remained steadfast. The brand has made it easier to become a home-based franchisee by outsourcing their customer service to larger regional offices. Unishippers provides small and medium companies with shipping logistics services that are often reserved for larger companies. They pool their customers to get clients discounted shipping with larger carriers like UPS. A concept which aims to relieve other business owners of hassles associated with logistics, large company customer service centers and late shipments seems to be a lasting investment.

Franchise fees: $45,000
Total Investment: $141,600-$191,200
ServPro is an interesting concept which is perfect for a franchisee who would like to work seasonally. That’s because ServPro is a disaster restoration franchise that helps residents clean up particularly large and mother earth-created messes. They come to your home following a flood, a fire or storm damage, as well as for specialty cleanup and restoration jobs. While it would seem that there may be a long “off season” in this business, when disaster strikes there is sure to be a very busy and lucrative “on season.”

Franchise fees: $41,800
Total Investment: $56,000-$83,900
Welcomat Services is a local advertising franchise which targets families who have recently changed their address. They use technology and marketing strategy to optimize direct mail marketing for local, regional and national businesses. Direct mail marketing of this kind is a strong premise with lasting potential since people will always be relocating. Welcomemat provides franchisees with a low-operational cost and steady business model.

Franchise fees: $20,000-$33,750
Total Investment: $68,500-$85,500
Weed Man is another great, home-based—and potentially seasonal—franchise. The brand has been in existence for more than 45 years and has been franchising in the U.S. for almost 20. The company provides lawn care professionals the chance to own their own business with corporate support and procedures that can often be difficult for an entrepreneur who’s a landscaper by trade. Weed Man offers landscaping services, and pest, seeding and weed control that is customized to clients’ lawns.

The information for each company was provided on their respective websites. Franchise fee information was found using Entrepreneur.com and their individual company websites.