10 tips for becoming an all-star in the workplace
10 tips for becoming an all-star in the workplace

Become a success in every aspect of work.

How do you become a rock star at work? In 1998, Robert E. Kelley tried to answer that question in his book “9 Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed.” After copious amounts of research, what Kelley discovered was: “It isn’t what stars have in their heads that makes them stand out. It’s how they use what they have.” Over the last 17 years, this hasn’t changed. Technology may have evolved, but the foundation for being an all-star in the workplace hasn’t. Below are some tips for becoming the ultimate workplace all-star.

Communicate effectively. We’ve all heard it before but the reality is poor communication can halt your efforts to grow within a company. If you can’t communicate efficiently through email, over the phone or in a meeting, people will hesitate to approach you with more responsibility for fear you won’t be able to work effectively with others to get the job done.

Be disciplined. If you are expected to show up at work at 9.a.m, then show up on time. If there is a particular dress code, then adhere to it. To impress, you need to show that you are capable of following the rules set up by the company you work for.

Show your passion. If you believe in the work you’re doing, then your employers will believe in you.

Be organized. Sort out your inbox. Map out your to-do list. Show that you are able to handle your responsibilities on a day-to-day basis.

Be confident in your ability. You were hired for a reason. Believe in your ability and in the work you produce and people will start coming to you for help.

Have a positive attitude. Negativity will get you nowhere. It’ll also affect your co-workers around you. Be happy that you are fortunate to be employed and enjoy the work you are doing. If you don’t, change careers.

Show your initiative. Never be afraid to think outside the box. Use your skills to approach challenges proactively and productively. Always be one step ahead to get ahead.

Never stop learning. Never put an end to learning, both personally and professionally. You must stay updated with news about your company and the industry that you work in.

Check your emotions. Open your mind before your mouth. At times, things can be stressful, but always act professional regardless of the situation that may have occurred.

Go the extra mile. Pitch in on programs outside your job description and be willing to help wherever needed.