10 Ways to Make Your IFA Membership Work for You
10 Ways to Make Your IFA Membership Work for You

Are you privy to the perks of joining The International Franchise Association?

The International Franchise Association is a great organization for franchise professionals. Are you taking full advantage of your membership? Follow these ten tips to capitalize on your involvement.

Become a committee member. Get involved in the decision-making process of the IFA and actively try to better the organization. Committees are a great way to meet others in the franchise industry and gain a greater understanding of the industry’s legal and organizational components. Committees cover various topics such as finance, franchise relations, the law, marketing, technology and women and veterans in the industry.

Get involved in the Franchise Action Network. Economic policies and political programs affect the franchise industry, which means they affect your brand. If you want to help protect the franchise industry from harsh ruling and policies, then this is the place for you. The Network is a grassroots organization that joins franchisees, franchisors and suppliers who want to engage with government officials to strengthen the economy and create jobs.

Attend an IFA conference or seminar. Conferences and seminars will give you the chance to interact with and learn from other IFA members face-to-face. Events cover franchise development, marketing tools, and general franchise expositions. Register today to build brand awareness and gain industry contacts.

Take advantage of resources for international franchising. The IFA stays true to its name—it strives to improve the franchise industry both at home and abroad. It offers great resources for brands looking to expand internationally. If you’re looking to grow your franchise abroad, the IFA is a great place to start.

Network with other franchisees. Even though you may be working with different brands, all franchisees share a variety of experiences. You all started a business with your own capital and faced challenges and reaped successes. Sometimes, the best advice comes from people going through the same thing you are. It’s comforting to know people who understand your experience.

Connect with franchisors and suppliers. Franchisees aren’t the only people in the IFA. Franchisors and industry suppliers are also vital to the organization’s success. Franchisees, it’s important to network with them, too! Take advantage of people who see your industry from a different perspective— it may make you a better business owner.

Build your brand awareness. Members of the IFA are respected because they’re a part of the world’s leading franchise organization. If your customers and clients know that you’re a member of such a prestigious organization, they’re bound to take you more seriously. Be proud of your membership and flaunt it.

Embrace the IFA’s unique business opportunities. Take VetFran for example; it’s the leading franchise program for veterans and it’s used by the world’s top brands. With programs like VetFran, a program dedicated to providing veterans with franchise access and opportunities, the IFA offers you the opportunity to grow your brand in ways that other organizations can’t.

Learn from what others brands are doing. Now that you’re a member of an international network of business owners, it’s time to take notes. Look at the other members of the IFA and plot out their routes to success. You have inside access to their brand’s leaders and team members— capitalize on it!

Have your voice be heard. At the end of the day, all the other nine tips come down to this: You have the power to change the franchising industry. Speak up! Use the IFA as a forum to voice your concerns and create change.

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