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11 Emerging Remote Franchises You Need to Know About

Remote work is here to stay, and these growing brands are well-positioned for success in the post-COVID landscape.

COVID-19 has changed the business landscape, and many American workers are reconsidering their career paths in light of the new environment. For so many people, it's about taking ownership over their livelihoods in a big way — owning your own business is just one way to achieve this.

As you consider your options, check out these up-and-coming franchise opportunities that can be managed from the comfort of your own home. 


Units: 69

Lendio is a business loan marketplace that makes it easier for small businesses to achieve a loan. The franchise cuts out the dozens of long applications typically needed to apply and condenses them to one, comprehensive application. Through their strategic partnerships, Lendio franchisees can help take the headache of a long, strenuous application process and guide small businesses to over 75 lenders to review their application. In the era of COVID-19, the value of this type of service is growing rapidly, and small businesses are taking note.

ProLift Garage Doors*

Units: 20+

ProLift Garage Doors is a Premium Service Brand that has taken off since the multi-franchisor took over. The all-things-garage brand has been repairing and replacing doors for over 40 years, and their highly trained and qualified technicians have made the beans what it is today. If you’re looking for a sustainable brand that consumers will always have a need for, check out their franchising opportunities today to see if you fit with ProLift. 

The Flying Locksmiths

Units: 80+

Though The Flying Locksmiths have been “installing confidence since 1946,” the business has really taken a leap in franchise expansion in the past five years. This is mostly due to the diversification of their services that go beyond traditional locksmith services. The brand offers the installation of cameras, access control systems, door hardware or even new doors and frames. The Flying Locksmiths provide yet another path to managing a company from your home and avoid a crowded office.


Units: 34

This franchise is bringing tech to the real estate industry in a big way, and real estate agents are recognizing the benefits of their services. Hommati connects agents to a range of innovative services — from 3D interactive tours to aerial HD video stills achieved through drones to free automated brochure creation. In an era with such high demand for digital services, Hommati helps drive a remote real estate experience while allowing for up-close and comprehensive viewings online.

Robin Autopilot

Units: 15+

Looking for a business that does a little bit of good for the environment? Check out Robin Autopilot. The franchise offers a customized, subscription-based platform for lawn care that is both eco-friendly and affordable. Their fleet of small robot lawn mowers are fashioned similarly to roombas and get the job done quickly and efficiently. Robin Autopilot technicians set up the mower and mowing parameters for customers, and offer routine repairs when needed. The brand provides a path to renewable revenue stream for franchisees and is a fast growing home-care franchise.


Units: 40+

theCoderSchool is a fun franchise that helps kids learn to code at a young age. The brand has proven that their learning capabilities can be taken to remote, online learning that is perfect for current pandemic conditions. The individualized immersion into coding keeps kids interested and allows for a tailored experience for individual students. The brand’s Code Coaches® provide both tutorship and mentorship, something welcomed to most parents in these difficult times.

Renew Crew

Units: 26

Another Premium Service Brand, Renew Crew was founded in 1993 and is growing quickly under the multi-franchisor’s umbrella. With almost 30 locations, the brand is proving that greener, cleaner power washing — paired with quality customer service — is in high demand across the United States. The brand has a 3-step process that is unique to their brand, and their eco-friendly products stand out in a field where so many power washers can leave damage with their cleaning. Renew Crew joined the Premium Service Brand family earlier this year and have been on the rise ever since. If you’re looking for a stable brand with excellent corporate backing, Renew Crew might be the opportunity for you.

Pro Clean USA

Units: 80+

Sanitization needs have only accelerated in the past six months, and they’ll continue to be in demand post-pandemic. Pro Clean is a commercial cleaning company that’s model was built on trust, reliability and high-quality cleaning. The janitorial cleaners are franchise owners who provide flexible hours to meet their customer expectations and needs. This type of service is guaranteed to stay in-vogue after the pandemic, though their hospital-grade cleaning regimen is a bonus in the COVID-era.

DPF Alternatives LLC

Units: 20 

Another eco-friendly brand, DPF Alternatives provides a green Diesel Particulate Filter restoration service that is the fraction of the cost of system replacement. Headquartered in Colorado, the brand has over 11 years in the industry and fosters a continuous research-based model to keep up with the times. DPF Alternatives provides training for all new employees and owners to clean passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment using leading technology. The brand’s state- of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning technology is powerful, non-flammable and environmentally friendly, making it a force to be reckoned with in an increasingly green-minded business landscape.

SuperGreen Solutions

Units: 31

Going green is the name of the game in an increasingly behavior-conscious business environment. SuperGreen Solutions is one franchise that can help businesses that want to be more eco-conscious, but don’t know where to start. The brand guides business owners through green initiatives in an affordable process that is ISO 14001 Sustainability Certified. SuperGreen Solutions uses the latest technology and software to improve revenues, financial and operational performance, public image, and employee engagement within businesses of all sizes. Not to mention their services can be provided virtually.

Maid Right

Units: 22

For a brand that is particularly opportune in the times of the pandemic, Maid Right is a home-cleaning service that brings qualified cleaners to your home in a safe, effective manner. While their services are always in high demand, the need for cleaning and disinfection are even more important in the era of COVID-19. Maid Right provides personalized service while using non-toxic cleaners, doing everything they can to help out around the home and keep your family safe. Now is the time to join if customer service is your priority.

*This brand is a paid partner of 1851 Franchise. For more information on paid partnerships please click here.